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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

Helpline no. 0129-4259000



Q. What is MRCFL?
Answer: MRCFL is Manav Rachna Centre of Foreign Languages is budding institute, a part of the Manav Rachna family that offers professional courses in various foreign languages, namely – Spanish, German, Japanese and French. MRCFL aims to make Foreign Languages accessible to everyone.

Q. Which Languages are taught at MRCFL?
Answer: Spanish, German, Japanese and  French. MRCFL also offers training for language examinations like Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Test of English Proficiency (TEP).

Q. What language examinations do MRCFL offers training for?
Answer: MRCFL offers preparation courses for a number of internationally recognized examinations like TOEFL, IELTS, TEP.

Q. What is the eligibility criteria and how to apply?
Answer: Candidate must have passed 12th or equivalent examination from a recognized Board or University. 

Q. What are the benefits of learning a foreign language?
Answer: Learning a foreign language has many benefits:

In today’s globalised world it invites more job opportunities

  • Stand out while applying for higher education scholarships
  • Broaden your selection of Overseas Universities
  • Get the ability to communicate with a broader network
  • Bring international business to your company
  • Foreign language skills command higher salaries
  • Compete for jobs abroad
  • Gives a sense of accomplishment
  • Improves cognitive ability and test scores
  • Have a better understanding of this globalized economy and how we are all connected

Q. Does it help me in getting a job? How?
Answer: Yes, learning a foreign language can help you get a job. It adds value to your CV.  It helps in relationship building, makes you distinguish and increases appeal to global companies. Some of the related jobs are in embassies, airlines and Call Centres.

Q. Do you provide placements?
Answer: No, We can only instruct and guide for the available opportunities.

Q. I haven’t studied any foreign language in my school. Would it be very difficult for me to learn and understand a foreign language?
Answer: It’s never too late to start anything new and good. Our scientific methodology of teaching a foreign language is tailor – made to suit the requirements and learning styles of adult learners.

Q. Which foreign language should I study and why?
Answer: The decision of which foreign language to study is an important one. Consider these factors before choosing a language: interest, learning options, difficulty level, personal preference, and future goals in life.

Q. How many languages can I study at one time?
Answer: You may study at most two languages at one time.

Q. How soon can I be fluent in the language?
Answer: Diploma in a language can make you fluent in that language. Duration for diploma course is 12 months.

Q. Can I have the option of entry or exit to other language in between?
Answer: You may switch to other language once after one certification course is over. You cannot switch in between.

Q. Do you provide trial class?
Answer: No. A trial class for an hour or two may not make you understand the method of study completely. The classes are grouped according to various levels. The resources like theatres, audio visuals, library etc are to be introduced in the regular course.

Q. What is the course duration and fee?
Answer: Please click below links for duration and fee structure

Q. Do you provide certification at the end of the course?
Answer: MRCFL issues a certificate describing your overall performance during the course. Type of certification depends on the course chosen.

Q. What if I leave course in between, still I get certification?
Answer: Certification is provided only at the end of the course. No certification will be given in case of leaving in between.

Q. Do you provide any type of study material?
Answer: The material that we provide is based on the method we follow and is developed by language professionals. It also includes practice assignments for students to practice after every class.

Q. What is special about MRCFL?
Answer: MRCFL method of teaching is very different for others. Training module is focussed on making students speak instead of trainer doing the talks all the time. MRCFL believes in making students speaks and that is how they can learn better.

Q. Can I pay the fee by Installment?
Answer: The enrollment will be held valid only when full amount of the respective course fee has been paid.

Q. I am not so fluent in English, will it make a difference?
Answer: It is not important to know English language to study other foreign language. The method we use is not based on translation.

Q. What are different languages spoken at different countries?
Answer: German: Germany, Austria, Switzerland primarily. Speaking German is also useful in the Scandinavian countries.
French: France, Switzerland and 31 other countries where it is the official language.
Spanish: Spain and most of the countries in South and Central America. Knowledge of Spanish also helps in Portugal and Italy.
Japanese: Japan


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