B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

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    INR 1,90,000
    US $ 4,000

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    4 Years

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The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) was established in 1997 with a focus on imparting fundamental concepts both theoretically and practically. It focuses on the study, design, development, and application of electronic devices, communication systems, and related technologies. ECE plays a crucial role in the advancement of modern technology, particularly in the fields of telecommunications, information technology, and electronics. Keeping in view the growth in industry and increasing demand, the department also offers some industry associated courses.

To meet the needs of industry and R&D organizations, the course curriculum has been carefully customized to meet the rising global outlook and focuses on forthcoming innovations in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Graduates with a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering can pursue careers in a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, electronics manufacturing, information technology, research and development, and more.

They can work as electronics engineers, communication engineers, network engineers, embedded systems developers, and research scientists, among other roles. The field of ECE is dynamic and constantly evolving, contributing to advancements in technology that impact various aspects of modern life. The B.Tech (ECE) programme offered by the Department has been accredited thrice by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) in 2004, 2007 and 2018.

B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering

Programme Highlights

Credits: 160

Tool Design & CAD/CAM vertical will have hands on experience on courses like Tool Design, Plastic Technology, Thinking Design & Innovation, Computer Aided Design, Digital Manufacturing, Fundamental of Robots, Robotic analysis, Digital Manufacturing (Industry 4.0), Metrology, CNC Technology & Programming and Industrial Automation etc offered as departmental electives.

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning vertical will involve a rigorous experience on Cooling Towers, Chillers, Acoustic & Building Safety, Heat Exchanger, Green Buildings, Renewable Energy Resources & Utilizations, Refrigeration Systems, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning Systems and Building Management Systems etc offered as departmental electives.

Mandatory Courses on Thermal Engineering, Strength of Material, Manufacturing Processes, Manufacturing Technology, Material Science, Heat Transfer, Design of Mechanical Systems, Theory of Machines and other practical lab core courses.

Six-month Industry Internship, Projects, Research & Incubation, foreign languages and other university open elective/interdisciplinary elective courses.


Career Path

After completing the four year degree program in Mechanical Engineering student can pursue the following career options:
  • Analytical engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Test Engineer
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Development Engineer
  • Research engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • Engineering manager
  • Consulting engineer

A few Core Mechanical Jobs Include:

  • Production Engineer: Knowledge of production processes and production technologies to manufacture/fabricate mechanical parts.
  • Quality Control Engineer: Ensure and initiate quality standards in product and services and documentation of quality control forms. Develop instructions for measuring quality and evaluate precision and accuracy in accordance to the dimensions provided in process sheets.
  • Process Planning Engineer: In-depth knowledge of different manufacturing processes and determining sequence of operation which are economic and viable for manufacturing a product. Deciding the toolings for production and inspections to be used in the production lines
  • Product Development Engineer: engineers manage the design, prototyping, and testing of products to ensure they meet the guidelines for standards and functionality. Product engineering includes design, development and transition to the manufacturing of the product.
  • Design Engineer: This area includes design and development of products and their respective tooling's for productions and inspections, which includes jigs and fixtures. It is very significant when innovative products and respective tooling development is required to achieve large volumes of productions.
  • Vendor Development Engineer: Since 90% of the manufacturing is being outsourced to tier-II and tier-III supplier, here the vendor development engineer plays an important role in developing vendor and developing the product at the vendor ends.
  • Sales and Marketing Engineer: Though both are two different business functions within the organizations where the sales team looks after the selling of the product or services and marketing is basically pulling the customer towards the offered product/services, which are being sold.
  • Maintenance Engineer: This area of mechanical engineering is deals with repairing of machines and equipments. Sound knowledge of diagnostic skills to detect faults and provide solution is required.

Programme Outcomes (PO’s)


Engineering Knowledge: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, and Engineering specialization to the solution of complex engineering problems.


Problem Analysis: Identify, formulate, research literature, and analyse engineering problems to arrive at substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural, and engineering sciences.


Design/ Development of Solutions: Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components, processes to meet the specifications with consideration for the public health and safety, and the cultural, societal, and environmental considerations.


Conduct investigations of complex Production and Industrial Engineering problems: Use research-based knowledge including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data, and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions.


Modern Tool Usage: To apply appropriate techniques, resources, and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modelling to complex engineering activities with an understanding of the limitations.


The Engineer and Society: Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional engineering practice.


Environment and Sustainability: Understand the impact of the professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts, and demonstrate the knowledge of, and need for sustainable development.


Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of the engineering practice.


Individual and Team Work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in teams, and in multidisciplinary settings.


Communication: Communicate effectively with the engineering community and with society at large. Be able to comprehend and write effective reports documentation. Make effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.


Project Management and Finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team. Manage projects in multidisciplinary environments.


Life-long Learning: Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.


Program Specific Outcomes (PSO’s)


To develop the ability to understand the basic concepts and principles of mechanical engineering for multidisciplinary projects/fields.


To develop the ability to accept global challenges and apply knowledge of thermal, manufacturing, and design in interdisciplinary fields using the latest software/hardware tools.


To develop an understanding of social awareness and ethical responsibility towards society with insights on industrial management skills/interdisciplinary technologies to be successful entrepreneurs/professionals.


Program Educational Objectives (PEO’s)

PEOs Statements M1 M2 M3
PEO1: To prepare mechanical engineering graduates with an outstanding knowledge of mathematical, scientific, engineering, technology, management, humanities and various other interdisciplinary subjects for a successful career. 3 3 3
PEO2: To equip students with modern tools/technology and advanced software’s for deliberating engineering solutions. 3 3 3
PEO3: To equip students with broad based knowledge to support the service industries, economic development and to address social and engineering challenges of the nation. 3 3 2
PEO4: To inculcate students with managerial/leadership skills with high level of integrity and ethical values for team building and team work. 3 3 1


  • Thrice NBA Accredited 2004, 2007 and 2018
  • 22 batches of undergraduate’s students and 14 batches of PG students completed
  • Membership of Professional Bodies like ISHRAE, SAE, IEI, IIF
  • Progressive curriculum leading to B. Tech Mechanical Engineering specialized Electric Vehicles.
  • 10 Well Equipped Labs and Workshop
  • MOU with 42 Industries for Industrial Training & Internship (MoUs with leading Research Organizations of India and highly reputed industries to undertake collaborative projects and bridge gap between Industry and Academia).
  • 120 Research Paper Published in International and national journals of repute; (Last 5 years)
  • 80 papers presented in international and national conferences (Last 5 years)
  • Research and Project consultancy approx. 23 Lakhs (Last 5 years)
  • Research Collaboration with Professor of International University
  • AICTE model curriculum implemented 2018 onwards
  • E-learning through MOOC/Swayam/NPTEL, Coursera, LinkedIn learning.
  • Special student grooming for placements drives


  • Internship and placement opportunities
  • Students Participation in Regional and National level project competitions, publications in SCOPUS indexed Journals.
  • Option for opting Core Mechanical Engineering jobs.
  • MoUs with leading Research Organizations of India and highly reputed industries to undertake collaborative projects and bridge the gap between Industry and Academia.
  • Highly qualified faculty with a diversity of specialization to cater to the interests of students and industry requirements in different domains of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Only University to offer specialization in Electric Vehicles as per the AICTE Guidelines.
  • Industrial Training and Visits to expose students to Industry Environment
  • Research projects of Faculty & Students which subsequently generate research publications.
  • Regular participation of students and faculty in conferences/ seminars/ workshops to upgrade their knowledge, disseminate their research work, and stay motivated.
  • Curriculum for local & global needs (CBCS based) with options of interdisciplinary subjects & flexibility to re-design.
  • Proximity to New Delhi with the locational advantage of being located in Faridabad which is an industrial hub.
  • Extremely supportive management.
  • Well-equipped labs
  • Students are provided with the right tools and skill sets to be prepared for the constantly evolving industries and new technologies.
  • Hands-on training opportunities and experimental-based learning.
  • Certifications in collaboration with CADD Centre for various designing software.
  • Interdisciplinary courses added in curricula and student may select as per his interest (MOOC and Open Elective).
  • Industry-relevant elective courses and industrial visits to better understand processes.
  • Course Curricula is fully oriented towards prototype and product development.
  • Continuous guiding and mentorship through Industry Leaders through webinars and expert lectures.


S.No Roll No Name Company/Entrepreneurship/Higher Education CTC Remarks
1 1/19/FET/BME/001 RIYA RAWAT UNO MINDA 4.8 offer letter
2 1/19/FET/BME/002 ROHAN SOOD Cardekho.com 4.2 LOI
3 1/19/FET/BME/003 ARPIT PATHAK O.P. Engineerings Works Gst Number: 06ALJPP1709P1ZN Family Business
4 1/19/FET/BME/004 GARVIT KUMAR UNO MINDA 4.8 offer letter
7 1/19/FET/BME/007 HARSHIT Internship in Sterling Tools Ltd/Jtekt Rs. 12,000/month/3.06 offer letter
8 1/19/FET/BME/008 ANIRUDH SHARMA Cardekho.com 4.2 LOI
9 1/19/FET/BME/009 JAIDEEP KARMAKAR Jaro Education 6.78 email confirmation
10 1/19/FET/BME/011 ROHIT SHARMA Vegazva Group 4 offer letter
11 1/19/FET/BME/012 AKASH KUMAR Sonalika 6 LOI
12 1/19/FET/BME/013 JAI CHHIMWAL Internship in LG Electronics Stipend during training: 25K per month, Salary after the completion of training: Rs 7.50 LPA (6LPA + Variable) email
13 1/19/FET/BME/015 BHAVISH SHARMA Vegazva Group 4 offer letter
14 1/19/FET/BME/016 ASIMUL HAQUE Internship in Sterling Tools Ltd Rs. 12,000/month offer letter
16 1/19/FET/BME/018 AKSHAT JUNEJA V.B. Engineers GST Number: 07AAGPJ6150L1ZK Family Business
18 1/19/FET/BME/023 ASAD KHAN
19 1/19/FET/BME/024 EESHAN KHAN Chanderpur Industries Pvt Ltd 2.88 offer letter
22 1/19/FET/BME/027 AAYUSH MEHTA Internship in LG Electronics Stipend during training: 25K per month, Salary after the completion of training: Rs 7.50 LPA (6LPA + Variable) email
23 1/19/FET/BME/028 AAYUSH SINGH Cardekho.com/ Honda Motor Cycle India Ltd. 4.2/8.5 LOI
25 1/19/FET/BME/030 PIYUSH JANGID Cardekho.com 4.2 LOI
26 1/19/FET/BME/034 RAHUL Internship in Sterling Tools Ltd / ABS Fijutsu Rs. 12,000/month / 3.5 LPA offer letter / email
28 1/19/FET/BME/037 ARPIT ARORA Internship in LG Electronics Stipend during training: 25K per month, Salary after the completion of training: Rs 7.50 LPA (6LPA + Variable) email
29 20/FET/M(L)/001 SEVIN P VENU
31 20/FET/M(L)/005 DUVESH KUMAR Internship in LG Electronics/ Honda Motor Cycle India Ltd. Stipend during training: 25K per month, Salary after the completion of training: Rs 7.50 LPA (6LPA + Variable)/ 8.5 email
32 20/FET/M(L)/006 SURAJ KUMAR Vegazva Group 4 offer letter
33 20/FET/M(L)/007 AMIT RANJAN JHA DCM CONTAINERS/ ABS Fijutsu Rs. 10,000/- per month during training period (6 months), Rs. 25,000/- CTC per month after confirmation as GET/ 3.5 LPA offer letter/email
34 1/19/FET/BMI/002 SIDHANT TYAGI UNO MINDA/JBM/NewGen Software 4.8/3/4 offer letter
35 1/19/FET/BMI/003 AVNEET SINGH JBM 3 offer letter
36 1/19/FET/BMI/004 DIGVIJAY SINGH JBM 3 offer letter
37 1/18/FET/BME/038 Vishal Sharma ABS Fijutsu 3.5 LPA email
S.No Roll No Name Company/Entrepreneurship/Higher Education CTC Remarks
1 1/18/FET/BME/001 RISHABH YADAV e-Ashwa Industries Pvt. Ltd./ Polymedicure (R&D) 3.6/2.4 Appointment Letter/Offer letter
3 1/18/FET/BME/003 VAIBHAV VASHIST ATS Infrastructure Ltd 3.6 Offer letter
4 1/18/FET/BME/004 BHAVISHYA ADHANA Ecological India (P) Ltd. 2 Offer Letter+ID card
5 1/18/FET/BME/005 TARUN SHARMA Pravav Vikas 3.6 Offer letter
6 1/18/FET/BME/006 JALAJ TOMER e-Ashwa Industries Pvt. Ltd. 3.6 Appointment Letter
7 1/18/FET/BME/007 GAURAV MENDIRATTA Maya Industry GST No: 06AEAPM7460A1ZX
8 1/18/FET/BME/008 GURANSH SINGH Wipro 3.5 Offer letter
9 1/18/FET/BME/009 SACHIN DIXIT Green Fuel Energy Solution 2.4 Offer letter
10 1/18/FET/BME/010 ABHISHEK UPADHYAY Esskay Industrial Corporation

GST No: 06AAPPU1477J1Z2
11 1/18/FET/BME/011 AKASH SINGH C.V. ENGG & FABRICATORS/Tata Technologies 4.65 GST No: 06AQIPS3490A1ZW
13 1/18/FET/BME/013 VIKAS GIRI V.K. Enterprises GST No: 06CKMPG3130R1ZU
14 1/18/FET/BME/016 TRIYANK MISHRA Hindustan Enterprises GST No: 06BCWPM2331K1Z9
15 1/18/FET/BME/017 AMAN BHARDWAJ Maps Infrabuildcon Private Limited GST NO: 06AAKCM4625J1ZA
16 1/18/FET/BME/018 SUDHANSHU RAGHAV Jtekt India Ltd. 3 Offer letter
17 1/18/FET/BME/019 DEV ASHISH MBA-Manav Rachna
18 1/18/FET/BME/020 BHUVAN VIG NewGenSoft 4.25 Doing internship in NewGenSoft
19 1/18/FET/BME/021 SHANTANU PANDEY Frick India/TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS 2.25/3.6 Offer letter/Appointment Letter
21 1/18/FET/BME/023 SANSKAR SAXENA Higher Education: Graduate in Marine Engineering, HIMT
22 1/18/FET/BME/024 RAM CHANDER SWAMI Shree Laxmi Marbels GST No: 06BBYPS4725E1Z6
23 1/18/FET/BME/026 ASHISH Exint Solutions 2.1 Offer letter
25 1/18/FET/BME/029 AMAN KUMAR Family Business: Hotel Rajmahal GST No: 10AMLPV2388R1Z7
26 1/18/FET/BME/030 ATUL JANGRA Regalo Kitchen 3.12 e-mail confirmation from CRC
27 1/18/FET/BME/031 NISHANT PREET SAIKIA Intellipaat 8.65 Offer letter
28 1/18/FET/BME/033 CHANDER MOHAN MALHOTRA Pyro Gaurd Engineers 2.64 Offer letter
29 1/18/FET/BME/034 NISCHAL THAPA Sonalika International Tractors Ltd 4 Offer letter
30 1/18/FET/BME/035 SIDHARTH RAM JTEKT/Indigo/Regalo Kitchen/JBSS Engineers Private Limited 3.03/Rs 5.00 LPA + Transportation Allowance (6k/ month) + Other Benefits (Insurance & Staff Leisure Travel)/3.12 Joined JTEKT/didn't join Indigo due to 4 year bond with amount of 10 Lacs/didn't join Regalo Kitchen due to non-core, looking for better option/ GST No 06AAECJ4560B1ZY
31 1/18/FET/BME/036 SONU KUMAR e-Ashwa Industries Pvt. Ltd./ Shop My EV India Pvt Ltd 3.6/3 Doing internship in Shop My EV
33 1/18/FET/BME/041 PARAS CHAUHAN KocharTech 2.88 Offer Letter
34 1/18/FET/BME/043 RISHABH BHATI Bhati Home Solutions/Pyro Gaurd Engineers 2.64 GST NO: 07CCMPB9932L1Z4/Offer letter
35 19/FET/M(L)/001 AAKASH RAWAT Higher Study Preparation MBA- University Canada West
36 19/FET/M(L)/003 ANIKET CHAUDHARY Sonalika International Tractors Ltd 2.27 Offer letter
38 1/18/FET/BMI/001 LAKSHAY RAI SHARMA JBM/Tata Technologies 3/4.5 Offer letter
39 1/18/FET/BMI/002 NITISH SINGH JBM/Honda Motorcycle 3/8.5 Offer letter/Appointment Letter
40 1/18/FET/BMI/004 GAURAV KUMAR JBM/Tata Technologies 3/4.5 Offer letter
41 19/FET/MI(L)/001 SACHIN KUMAR JBM/Tata Technologies 3/4.5 Offer letter



Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest core branches of engineering and it is referred as ‘MOTHER’ of all the branches. The appealing feature is its broad application base that is extremely diverse. Maximum no. of inventions in the field of science and technology may be directly or indirectly attributed to various sub-branches of Mechanical Engineering that includes mechanics, thermodynamics, robotics, manufacturing, design and structural analysis. Mechanical engineering concepts are applied in the process of designing state-of-the-art manufacturing units, process units, machine building, power plant equipment, refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, automobiles and their engines, aircraft and aerospace parts, industrial machinery etc. Mechanical engineers not only design new mechanical systems but they are also responsible for manufacturing, testing and maintaining them.

Mechatronics includes interdisciplinary courses which embrace/collaborate all branches of engineering and scientific knowledge including mechanical and also understanding about the fact that any machine/system/industry have more than 20-50% of components exclusive of mechanical. Hence, it is now imperative for an engineer to have all the basic knowledge of engineering disciplines. The mechatronics field in the future can be in more demand and can oppose the traditional fields of engineering in the coming days.

Electric vehicle is the future of mobility ushering in an age smart transport. As the convenience of diesel and petrol car is getting difficult and in the context of green energy, governments world over doubling down to lower the cost of electric vehicles and expedite their adoption among the masses. The need of mechanical engineers with special skills on EV technology is imminent.

The entry into this branch of engineering requires certain basic traits. Apart from being good in physics and mathematics, one must have a penchant for mechanical components, physical phenomenon, practical real time problem troubleshooting and machinery. Further, one must have immense patience, inventive spirit with innovative mind and desire to make things happen.

Apart from the conventional roles and responsibility, the scope of mechanical engineering is leaping beyond its traditional boundaries. Recently HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning), nanotechnology, advanced material science, robotics, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, biomedical applications, environmental conservation, etc are been targeted. In nutshell it can be considered that mechanical engineering offers a wide variety of research and job opportunities to students who are looking for a stable and stimulating career. Electric Vehicle Technology is the future of mobility and Mechatronics is a key component of Industry 4.0 .

  • Pro-E / CREO
  • AutoCad
  • Unigraphics
  • Solid edge
  • Design Expert
  • Microsoft office

The resurgence of mechanical engineering was quite spectacular in recent years due to the regular progressive nature of development worldwide. According to survey, this is the most sought after branch preferred by students seeking admission to various technical institutes across Globe. The job market for mechanical engineers is perennial. Even the variation in global economic crisis could not knock out the demand. Although some branches of mechanical engineering went out of focus during the meltdown period, but as specialized courses are being introduced, overall situation is much better as compared to others.

Yes, career in the Indian Defence service is lot more than just element of pride in donning the uniform, be it army, air force or navy. There is nothing to beat a career in the Defence forces, crucial responsibilities, service to the nation, respect from all sections of society all rolled into one. Training for the Defence services automatically qualifies students to become full-fledged officers of the service to which they are appointed. They are guaranteed a job, along with all the perks and allowances, many of which continue even after retirement. Jobs in the Defence Services involve a great deal of power and authority, though there are frequent transfers. Competent officers always have a chance of being promoted to senior positions over the years. Yes, a mechanical engineering can be absorbed in defence forces as technical officers, teaching and various other relevant profiles.

A student can opt for CAD/CAM related courses and hands with a good design and analysis software.

Depending on the ability of the students the average salary range for fresh B.Tech Mechanical Engineer is from 3 LPA to 6 LPA. However, there is no upper limit to the salary for exceptionally students owing to numerous career opportunities.

Mechanical engineering students are groomed by a team of highly motivated, qualified and talented faculty members coming from a rich technological, industrial & academic background. Also the students are trained on the modern, state of art equipment’s in our labs, so as to generate a team of highly competent employable engineering graduates. With most of the faculty members having experience in experimental and computational areas, the students can hope to get valuable guidance. The department is offering various courses in Mechatronics, Electric vehicles, CAD/CAM and HVAC with state of art facility.

Yes, students go for industrial training (approximately 18-20 weeks) during final year. During their course, they are given exposure of various industries, for having in-depth knowledge of activities related to maintenance/ overhaul, design and development, and various manufacturing processes and related documentation. Thus, they get exposed to the functioning of typical industries which proves helpful in placement and thereafter in their industrial career.

The students are taken on industrial visits in industries of repute for familiarization with various mechanical processes and equipments and to see the functioning of the industry and various manufacturing processes followed there. During the visit the students are exposed to foundry and forging shops, machine shops, sheet metal workshop, power plants, automotive, ancillaries, HVAC and many more industries.

The following professional clubs and societies are there in the department, where co-curricular activities regularly being conducted:

  • SAE collegiate club
  • ISTE Club
  • QCFI

Besides this, the department regularly conducts expert talks, seminars, skill development programs and Workshop for updating the knowledge of faculty and students with the latest technology.

We are the best department in and around NCR with 90% placement records in last two years. Many students got multiple offers. As on dated Dec 2022, around 21 students out of 34 students are placed in core Mechanical Engineering with the highest package of 8.5 lakhs. L.G Electronics (P) Ltd had absorbed 8 students as intern and subsequently they will be permanently absorbed by the company.

Total Placement: 93% (2018-22, recently passed out)

70% (2019-23, ongoing last semester)

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