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With a global outlook, strategic vision and passion for enterprise and institution building, Manav Rachna is all about ‘evolution’.

In these progressive series, ‘Students Facilitation Centre (SFC)’ is the latest addition. SFC compliments the services available on campus and is the first point of contact for prospective as well as admitted students for most of their general queries during their academic life at Manav Rachna.

Assistance to services is categorized under five broader areas

Academic Queries

Financial Requests

Examination Aids

Housing Facilities

General Services


In addition, special help to integrate International Students into campus life is available.

Located at the Ground Floor of the Block E in the campus, Students Facilitation Centre aims at providing important services under one roof to the stakeholders. SFC makes inroads with joint collaborative intra department efforts to ensure that the students have world class experience at their home for the coming years.

Procedure for Redressal of Grievances



An aggrieved student who has the Grievance or Grievances at the program level shall make an application first to the Head of the Student Facilitation Centre with a copy to the Head/Dean/Director of the institute. The Head, after verifying the facts, will try to redress the grievance within a reasonable time, preferably within a week of the receipt of application of the student. If the student is not satisfied with the verdict or solution of the Student Facilitation Centre, then the same should be placed before the Upper Management.


The Head of Institute, after verifying the facts will place the matter & shall deliberate with the Institute level committee which shall either endorse the decision or shall pass appropriate order in the best possible manner within a reasonable time, preferably within 10 days of receipt of application.


If the student is not satisfied with the redressal offered by the Institute level committee, he/she can submit an appeal upper management committee within a week from the date of receipt of decision with the relevant details, by addressing to the Registrar’s office of the institute and copy to Head of the department.


The Committee shall consider the appeal of the student and make appropriate recommendations post deliberation with the Director General within a reasonable time, preferably within 15 days. On approval by the Director General, the final decision shall be communicated to the student through the Head/Dean/Director of the Institute.


While dealing with the complaint, the student shall observe law of natural justice & ensure to have faith in the redressal provided by the Student Facilitation Centre.

Academic Concerns


Manav Rachna is committed to fostering intellectual inquiry in a climate of academic freedom and integrity. Its members, students and faculty alike, are expected to uphold these principles and exhibit tolerance and respect for others. We work together with the understanding that we are, first and foremost, an educational community with teaching and learning at the heart of our enterprise and many educational opportunities beyond the walls of the classroom. Though if any student needs assistance in resolving any academic issue he/she encounters, one should not hesitate to seek assistance from the Academic Aid Cell of the ‘Student Facilitation Centre’ in resolving problems of your concerns. Few broad categories under the cell:

  • Classroom Experience
  • Administrative/ Attendance Recording Procedure
  • Concerns about Grades or other Academic Assessments
  • Specific Curricular Matter
  • Criteria of evaluation under the Program
  • Faculty member’s actions that seem not to be consistent with the highest ideals of our community
  • Re-application for the Examination

For all procedures that are handled in the campus, we attempt to first resolve issues on an informal and educational basis, making sure that those who are involved understand each other’s point of view, before moving towards more formal procedures of redressal. In every situation, we seek to address issues in a timely manner at the most immediate level available, before moving up to higher levels of authority and responsibility.

Financial Requests


The Finance and Accounts Department of the Institute is engaged in providing the financial services pertaining to Finance and maintenance of accounts of the stakeholders. The unit caters to the Centralized & Decentralized Finance Facilities that provides assistance in Fee Collection, Estate, Student Welfare, Housing facility fee, Board of Sports, Revaluation fee, Examination fee & others. Students can reach out to us for:

  • Student Education Loan Facility
  • Delay in fee submission
  • Student Fee Concession
  • Rebates/ grant for specific purposes

Fee concession is awarded on strictly merit basis. For assistance in concession based on other than merit, please connect with Registrar’s office of the institute.

Original legally accepted documents shall be produced to avail this facility. Decision would be at Management’s discretion.

Housing Facilities


At Manav Rachna, every effort is made for you to experience the academic rigor in addition, also ensuring that you savor the joy of gourmet food and the comfort of your home , away from home. Closely working with and assisting students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders, the central offices enable smooth and efficient functioning of the departments. Though we provide a safe, secure, modern, and collegial environment for a well-rounded and supportive living experience, few broad areas where SFC office can be reached for:

  • Shared Living
  • Cleanliness, Health &Feminine Hygiene
  • Dining
  • General Services and Laundry facilities
  • Security

The entire housing facility is maintained by professional housekeeping and maintenance agencies having vast exposure in the corporate climate.

A 3 tier 24×7 security systems, using required guarding staff, as appropriate, is deployed and very closely monitored by a vigilant and robust security matrix. The agencies deployed at site are best in class and can be seen at MNCs offices.

Examination Aid


Examinations/ Assessments are tools to showcase one’s academic depth in different areas of education attained in the journey so far. The learner-centric higher education ecosystem at MREI has further strengthened the Institute’s goal of achieving academic excellence. The student can seek aid from the ‘Student Facilitation Centre’ for any assistance in the following areas of the examination:

  • Revaluation and Verification of Marks
  • Reassessment of Answer Book
  • Academic Grievances
  • Administrative Grievances
  • Supplementary Examinations

Student Facilitation Centre shall process grievance(s) submitted by the students within a stipulated period.

  • Application Form for Migration Certificate
  • Application Form for Attestion of Statement of marks, passing , merit & rank certificate
  • Application Form for Change in Name & Contact Details
  • Application Form for Duplicate Statement of Marks
  • Application Form for Sports Scholarship
  • Declaration for Scholarship Continuity
  • No Dues Form
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