Vision & Mission

Manav Rachna envisions a deep association with our esteemed alumni who have imprinted an indelible mark of brilliance in each nook and corner of the campus. While the corridors echo with your laughter, we envisage engraving your inspirational tales that will continue illuminating the world of education. We are eager to engage & connect with you even after you have successfully attained your degrees and reached higher echelons of glory and success.

Department of Sports

Sports Science Centre: Experience the well-furnished Sports Science Centre with pioneering equipment catering to your fitness needs. Avail the benefits of cutting-edge machines which can assess your techniques of practicing sports and furnish directive suggestions based on its evaluations.

Sports Facilities: Get the opportunity to play your favourite sport. Feel the energy and be a part of dynamic sports events.

Shooting Range: 10 metres to trap shots, get ready to score your bull's eye in one of the finest shooting ranges! The range is a place of practice for the nation's most renowned athletes and Olympians.

Career Development Centre

Explore the bouquet of services which shall help you prosper and grow better & brighter! Reach out for Psychometric Testing, Personalized Counselling, Language Test Prep, and Profile Building for further studies, University Advisory, Career Fairs and more.

Infrastructure Facilities

Library: Sit by the corner, cherish the enchanting fragrance of the crisp pieces of paper, and immerse yourself in the power of excellence. If you're someone who loves to read online, visit our repository of digital readings, our e-library.

Auditorium & Lawns: Use the auditoriums & lawns for your sophisticated professional events & personal extravaganza.


Medical Benefits

Dental Facilities:  Alumni and their family members can avail complimentary dental consultation once a year. You are also entitled for an exclusive 20% discount on a wide array of paramount dental services, including dental crowns, braces, fillings, laser treatments, dental implants, and root canal treatments. Get a comprehensive alumni dental package at ₹2,000, inculcating dental consultation, scaling, and X-ray services.

Physiotherapy: Stop by, at Manav Rachna's Q Block for medical consultations and curative treatments, at the minimal charge of ₹100 per session

Nutrition: From an extensive nutrition assessment to body composition analysis to nutrition advice for tackling weight loss, hypothyroidism, diabetes, renal disorders, liver disease, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and obesity, avail the services at a price of ₹100 for the first session and ₹80 for follow ups.

Mediashala: Our seasoned photographers at Mediashala are ready to capture stunning visuals to reflect the moments you place great value on. Mediashala is well-equipped to create stunning portfolios and set-up photo & video shoots for encapsulating your cherishable occasions in the pile of souvenirs.

External Facilities

Alumni of Manav Rachna can avail exclusive discounts with our alumni's prospering businesses. Get yours added to the list. 

- LR Fitness, Faridabad: 25-30% Special Discount 
- Satguru Super Foods: 30% Special Discount
- Gauri Jewellers, Faridabad: 10% Special Discount
- Cinnabar Crumble: 15% Special Discount

Utrkisht Icons of Manav Rachna: Celebrating Diverse Journeys

Discover the extraordinary journeys of distinguished Manav Rachna alumni who have risen to prominence across diverse domains. “Utkrisht Icons of Manav Rachna” is a captivating book that narrates the life stories of remarkable individuals, including sports icons, entrepreneurial magnets, government stalwarts, industry leaders, and social flag bearers. Through riveting narratives, this book delves into their challenges, triumphs, and contributions, showcasing how they have left an indelible mark in their respective fields. These stories exemplify the values and teachings imparted by Manav Rachna, inspiring readers to dream big and make a difference.

Utkristh-Icons of Manav Rachna 2024 Utkristh-Icons of Manav Rachna 2023 Utkristh-Icons of Manav Rachna 2022

Privilege Card

Manav Rachna shall be forever grateful for your exuberant presence, compelling stories and eternally-lasting conversations. As much as yesterday, the institute is yours, even today! The alumni Privilege Card allows you to experience all of the following facilities and more!

Notable Alumni

For further details on availing services, please contact Alumni Relations Office at or +91 95996 55225.

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