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Infrastructure and Support Services

MREI has a dedicated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Cell which provides IT and Communication support to all the Faculties and Staff. The Cell plans, organizes & maintains all ICT equipment and campus wide networks for all Manav Rachna Educational Institutions.

An in-house repair facility ensures that downtime is kept to the minimum. Indirectly, it contributes to optimal teaching learning process, besides ensuring a very high satisfaction level for the students.

The Institution deploys excellent IT Infrastructure in carrying out activities like academic delivery, administration and services. The concept of Green Computing has been piloted with Central Library.

The entire campus is WiFi enabled, giving the students, facilities, support and the platform to explore and discover ideas and knowledge with one GBPS bandwidth.

GBPS bandwidth


Licensed Softwares

MR campus at Sector 43 is covered under an agreement with Microsoft for campus agreement for compliance of the licenses to avoid any Software piracy. Prominent Applications softwares include

IBM Rational Seed, STADD PRO, Digsilent, RTOS, VLSI Design Tanner Tool Pro, Xilinx ISE 13.1, OR-CAD Engg. Suite, MATLAB, Simulink with various tool boxes, Lab View, Catia, Pro-E, Quark Express, Adobe Creative, Corel Draw, Sony Sound Forge, Prolog. MX roads, Microsoft Project and Primavera amongst others.

ERP provides enhanced interaction with Management, Teachers, Parents and other students through web & mobile based application.

It permits online Course Registration, Credit Registration and Exam Registration, access to Attendance, Time Table, Examination Schedule, Grade & Marks and Report Card and advance information about various events and holidays.

It also provides easy access to Session Plan, Teaching Notes, Digital Content and evaluation methods for the courses they are undergoing;


online Payment of fees and other charges including examinations, hostel, mess and transportation & submission of grievances.

It also incorporates online facility to provide feedback and rating of various faculties who are teaching them. The facilities offered to students can also be accessed by the Parents.

Food Science Lab

The concepts covered in the Food Science laboratory includes normal and therapeutic food preparation, nutrient analysis and enhanced problem sets. Students get an opportunity to analyze, why specific nutrient recommendations are translated into guidelines, and what foods should be included in the diet to meet the guidelines. Food Science lab covers the area is equipped with cook tops, a microwave and all essential items required for different types of food preparations. Food Science lab also provides information through various exhibits, diet charts, etc.

Food Analysis Lab

In general, food laboratory plays an important role in identifying food problems. The food analysis laboratory help to provide valid testing result on laboratory testing parameters such as Proximate analysis of food, product development and sensory evaluation, food quality analysis, detection of pathogenic contamination, testing allergens and adulterants in food, food packaging analysis, extraction of bio-active compounds, analysis of food additives.

Anthropometry and Public Health Nutrition Lab

The focus of the Public Human Nutrition Laboratory at Department of Nutrition & Dietetics, Manav Rachna International Institute of Research Studies is to target and improve the health of the diverse communities. The lab is well equipped with instruments like Tanita scale, SECA Height Measurement, Seca tape for waist, hip and Mid upper arm circumference measurement, Automatic Blood pressure apparatus, Skin-fold callipers and vernier caliper. The PHN lab is also having updated computers and diet-cal software for carrying out diet based research studies and nutrition intervention planning. Students of BSc & MSc Nutrition & Dietetics are getting trained on program planning, Anthropometric measurements and dietary assessment.

Biochemistry Lab

Biochemistry lab at Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies is a well equipped lab suitable for carrying out any type of biochemical assays pertaining to clinical, nutrition and food science field. The lab has got chemicals of different grades-laboratory, analytical and technical grade for carrying out research work and other practical’s of biochemistry course, food science and nutrition.

Anatomy and Physiology Lab

Anatomy Physiology lab of the department in collaboration with Faculty of Dental Sciences provides platform where students studies the structure and function of the human body. Infrastructure of lab is well equipped with instruments required for study of cells, tissues and membranes. For physiological studies, lab has advanced facilities for individualized human skeletal studies, microscopical examination of blood, physiology and functions of body organs.

Microbiology Lab

Microbiology Lab of department offers many opportunities to students of Nutrition and Dietetics where they can the isolate, identify and enumerating microorganisms in different food samples. From preparing samples for microbial analysis to studying morphological characteristics, this lab offer many options to students. Students have good exploration of the microbial quality of food through the facilities under this lab.

IT Infrastructure

Manav Rachna Educational Institutions is an abode of technological advancement. The entire campus is WiFi enabled, giving the students, facilities, support and the platform to explore and discover ideas and knowledge with one GBPS bandwidth.


All the classrooms are equipped with ICT enabled facilities for an inclusive ecosystem. The Lecture capturing system and Smart board facilities have broadened the horizon of teaching. Manav Rachna provides various facilities for Departments involving Video and Audio platforms. The recording room is furnished with top-notch amenities and strikes the spirits of a tech savvy enthusiast.

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