Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Intelligence and Analytics)

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    Course Level

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    Course Fee
    INR 2,17,500
    US $ 3,500

  • Duration

    3 Years

  • Scholarship

Program Coordinator


Mr. Pushpesh

Assistant Professor





Minimum eligibility criteria

Pass in 10+2 examination/ equivalent examination with atleast 50% marks in aggregate in 5 subjects including english as compulsory subject along with 4 subjects with the highest score out of the remaining subjects.

Selection Criteria

Merit Preparation / shortlisting of candidates shall be on the basis of score in SAT/MRNAT/ marks in qualifying examination.


Programme Highlights

Industry exposure, case studies, role plays and other essential business activities are a part of the curriculum. Students are given rich training in soft skills and setting up their start-ups. Theyalso learn several foreign languages which are in great demand.

Special Enrichment Lecture Series Program (ELSP) to expose students to the current issues and areas of interdisciplinary interest to broaden their mental horizon, improve general awareness and strengthen critical thinking.

UGC approved Choice Based Credit System model is being followed since 2019

Focus through E-Learning platforms in multi-disciplinary areas through MOOCS – Swayam, NPTEL, Udemy and Coursera.

Mandatory Summer Internship Project for all BBA Streams in 4th Semester end.


Career Path

  • BBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics can open up a variety of career paths
  • Entry-Level Positions:Graduates often start their careers in entry-level positions such as Data Analyst, Business Analyst, or Junior BI Analyst. In these roles, they apply their analytical skills to interpret data, create reports, and support decision-making processes.
  • Specialized Roles: As professionals gain experience, they may move into more specialized roles within the realm of Business Intelligence and Analytics. This could include positions like Data Scientist, Market Analyst, or Financial Analyst, where they focus on specific aspects of data analysis and interpretation.
  • Mid-Level Management:With several years of experience, individuals may progress to mid-level management positions such as BI Manager or Analytics Manager. In these roles, they are responsible for overseeing analytics teams, managing projects, and ensuring that data-driven insights align with organizational goals.
  • Strategic Leadership:As professionals continue to advance in their careers, they may move into strategic leadership roles such as Director of Business Intelligence or Chief Analytics Officer. In these positions, they play a crucial role in shaping the organization's data strategy, aligning analytics initiatives with business objectives, and driving innovation through data-driven decision-making.
  • Entrepreneurship or Consulting:Some individuals choose to leverage their expertise to start their own businesses or work as independent consultants. They may offer specialized BI and Analytics services to other companies, providing strategic guidance on data utilization and analytics implementation.
  • Executive Leadership:For those aiming for the highest levels of leadership, the career path may lead to executive roles such as Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Data Officer (CDO). In these positions, individuals are responsible for shaping the overall data and technology strategy of the organization, contributing directly to its long-term success.
  • MBA or Advanced Degrees:Some individuals may choose to pursue advanced degrees such as an MBA with a focus on analytics, business intelligence, or data science. This can enhance their strategic and managerial skills, opening up new opportunities for leadership roles within organizations.
  • By navigating through these stages, individuals with a BBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics can build a fulfilling and impactful career, contributing to the success and competitiveness of organizations in an increasingly data-driven business landscape.

Programme Outcomes (PO’s)


Critical Thinking

Take informed actions after identifying the assumptions that frame their thinking and actions, checking out the degree to which these assumptions are accurate and valid, and looking at their ideas and decisions (intellectual, organizational, and personal) from different perspectives.


Effective Communication

Speak, read, write and listen clearly in person and through electronic media in English and in one Indian language, and make meaning of the world by connecting with people, ideas, books, media and technology.


Social Interaction

Elicit views of others, mediate disagreements and help reach conclusions in group settings.


Effective Citizenship

Demonstrate empathetic social concern and equity-centred national development, and the ability to act with informed awareness of issues and participate in civic life through volunteering.



Recognize different value systems including their own, understand the moral dimensions of their decisions, and accept responsibility for them.


Environment and Sustainability

Understand the issues of environmental contexts and sustainable development.


Self-directed and Life-long Learning

Acquire the ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of socio-technological changes.


Program Specific Outcomes (PSO’s)


Gain knowledge about the business practices in the country and become ready to take up the entry level management positions.


Analyse business situations and recommend managerial responses.


Develop effective oral and written communication and produce professional quality presentations.



  • Best BBA Programme in Delhi-NCR (MRIIRS is amongTop 04 Private University in BBA and 7th in All India Ranking as per Times BBA Survey 2022.
  • World-class Faculty & Industry Interaction
  • Best E-cell Platform for Budding Startups
  • Best Programme of BBA with Placement Assistance
  • Best Recognized Course at Global Level for higher education

Distinctive Blend: The program uses a rich mix of:

  • core courses.
  • Specialized electives.
  • workshops projects.
  • seminars.
  • field visits.
  • Assignments.
  • Presentations.
  • Case discussions
  • Real Life Projects


BBA in Business Intelligence and Analytics offers a strategic pathway to a dynamic and data-driven career. This program not only imparts foundational business knowledge but also equips students with high-demand skills in data analysis, visualization, and interpretation. Graduates gain a competitive edge in the job market, as businesses increasingly seek professionals who can transform raw data into actionable insights. With an emphasis on practical application, students engage in real-world projects, honing their problem-solving abilities and collaborative skills. The program's focus on aligning data analytics with strategic decision-making ensures graduates are well-prepared to contribute to organizational success, making them valuable assets across various industries and global business landscapes.




BBA (Banking and Financial Markets) course covers all the fundamentals of management and business administration besides banking and financial Markets.

The course is designed so that the companies prefer to select such students as beginners in corporate world including banking sector, financial services sector like mutual funds, securities market participants etc and the insurance industry.

BBA(Business Intelligence and Analytics)- (BIA) is a specialization within the BBA program that is designed to help students learn how to leverage data and technology to make better business decisions.

The BIA specialization within BBA typically covers a range of topics, including data analysis, data visualization, predictive modeling, and data-driven decision making. Students in this program will learn how to use tools such as Excel, SQL, Tableau, and other data analysis software to extract insights from data and create reports that help organizations make informed decisions.

There are many companies in India that offer internships in the field of Business Intelligence and Analytics. Here are some companies you might consider:

  • TCS (Tata Consultancy Services): TCS is one of the largest IT services companies in India, offering a wide range of services, including business intelligence and analytics. They offer internships to students who are interested in gaining experience in this field.
  • IBM India: IBM is a multinational technology company that offers a variety of services, including business intelligence and analytics. They offer internships to students who are interested in gaining hands-on experience in this field.
  • Accenture India: Accenture is a global consulting and technology services company that offers a range of services, including business intelligence and analytics. They offer internships to students who are interested in gaining experience in this field.
  • Wipro: Wipro is an Indian multinational corporation that provides information technology, consulting, and business process services. They offer internships to students who are interested in gaining hands-on experience in the field of business intelligence and analytics.
  • Deloitte India: Deloitte is a global professional services firm that offers a range of services, including business intelligence and analytics. They offer internships to students who are interested in gaining experience in this field.

The core contents are same for both the courses but BBA (Business Intelligence and Analytics) is fortified with additional courses exclusively devoted to the data analytics segment.


Program Name Benefits Fees Job Prospects
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (General)
  • Capstone Project with Internship Opportunities,
  • In-House Open Electives
  • Freedom to choose a curriculum that fits their interests and future goals.
  • Manager
  • HR Executive
  • Management Trainee
  • Marketing Executive
  • Human Resource Executive
  • Business Development Executive
  • Technical or Non-Technical Support staff
BBA Banking and Financial Markets in association with Bombay Stock Exchange
  • Virtual Stock Trading Platform and MS Excel for practical exposure.
  • Joint Certification is awarded on successful completion of Post Training Assessment or Certificate
  • Financial Modelling Project, Real Time Trading
  • Financial Services and Insurance Sector
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Operations Management
  • Trading Specialist
  • Bank Relationship Manager
BBA Global - International Business in association with AIS, New Zealand
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Operations Management
  • Minimum 4 Weeks Global Internship(Which can extend to two years)
  • Global Student Ambassador
2,04,500+NZ$ 900 each for First two years and NZ$ 800 in Third year as foreign fee component
  • Operation Research
  • Research Analytics
  • Operational trainee
  • Project Junior Executive
  • Sales Executive
BBA Digital Marketing
  • Lectures by Industry Experts
  • Placement Assistance
  • Internship Opportunities
  • 30 + free certificates through the progress of the course.
  • Real-Life Projects
  • Operation Research
  • Research Analytics
  • Operational trainee
  • Project Junior Executive
  • Sales Executive
BBA Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • In-depth study of data analysis
  • Predictive analytics
  • decision-making models
  • Power BI Expert
  • Data Visualization
  • R Analytics
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Analytics
  • Financial analytics
  • Operational Analytics
  • Analytics Executive

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