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Research and innovation are essential for advancing the field of management, understanding business dynamics, and driving organizational effectiveness. Here is an overview of research and innovation in the management department.

The management department conducts research in various areas, including organizational behavior, strategic management, human resource management, marketing, operations management, and entrepreneurship.

Faculty members and researchers explore emerging trends, investigate managerial challenges, and develop innovative approaches to address business problems.

Faculty members in the management department actively publish their research findings in reputable academic journals and present their work at conferences.

This dissemination of knowledge contributes to the broader management community, promotes intellectual exchange, and fosters collaboration among scholars.

The department collaborates with industry partners to conduct applied research projects. These collaborations allow researchers to address real-world business issues, gain insights from industry practitioners, and develop practical solutions that can drive innovation and improve organizational performance.

The department encourages innovation in teaching methods and curriculum design. Faculty members incorporate current research findings into their courses, leverage technology for interactive learning experiences, and promote experiential learning opportunities such as case studies, simulations, and consulting projects.

The department fosters an entrepreneurial ecosystem by supporting student startups, hosting entrepreneurship competitions, and providing mentorship for aspiring entrepreneurs. These initiatives encourage innovation, foster creativity, and promote the development of new ventures.


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