Initiatives & Innovative Practices

Value-added courses in the subject areas of Human Resource Management and Marketing Management have been introduced for the students in various BBA programs.

Initiatives and innovative practices are designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of contemporary business dynamics. The department have introduced experiential learning modules, such as internships, industry visits, and case studies, to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Collaborations with industry leaders and professionals are becoming increasingly common, providing students with valuable insights and networking opportunities. Moreover, the integration of technology and data analytics into the curriculum has become a focal point, ensuring that graduates are adept at navigating the digital landscape of modern businesses. Some programs are also emphasizing sustainability and ethical business practices, reflecting a growing awareness of corporate responsibility. This blend of traditional business education with forward-thinking initiatives is shaping a new generation of management professionals well-prepared to address the challenges of the ever-evolving business world.

Total Value Added Courses Offered: 03

  • Performance Management

  • Brand Management

  • Compensation Management

130 per course

Students enrolled and benefitted (average)

Teaching Learning

The following are some steps in the teaching and learning process:


Creation of the MRIIRS academic calendar. According to the faculty members' decisions based on their areas of expertise, course titles are assigned.


Every faculty member's schedule with breaks in between lectures is prepared with careful deliberation.


Course coordinator files are prepared as part of academic planning and delivery.


Mapped with student-centered teaching and learning methodologies are the lecture and lab plans.


PPTs and lecture notes, assignments and tutorial sheets that are aligned with Bloom Taxonomy Levels and Course Outcomes (COs). They are prepared utilising open educational resources and ICT-based technologies for teaching.


Field trips and industrial visits


Feedback and Continuous Monitoring



Sessional Examinations (02 each semester), Continuous Class Performance, and Assignments (mapped with COs and BTLs) are all part of theory courses.

Continuous Assessment of VIVA Voce and Practical Performance are included in laboratory courses. Every assessment includes the measurement of RUBRICS, which are then mapped with COs.

Continuous Internal Assessment, Supervisor's Assessment, and RUBRICS are used in the evaluation of departmental projects and industrial trainings.

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