Technical Clubs

The students are actively engaged in the various Technical Clubs of the department.

The clubs are as follows


Marketing Club

Dive into the dynamic marketing world and hone your skills with our Marketing Club. Explore cutting-edge strategies, network with industry professionals, and chart a course for success in the evolving business landscape.


Finance Club

Embark on a financial odyssey and unlock finance secrets with our Finance Club. Navigate the world of investments, financial analysis, and strategic wealth management for a prosperous future.


Eco Club

Get into the realm of economic exploration and broaden your understanding of global dynamics with our Economics Club. Engage in insightful discussions, analyze market trends, and cultivate a nuanced perspective on the forces shaping our economic landscape.


Entrepreneurship Club

Fuel your entrepreneurial spirit and transform ideas into action with our Entrepreneurship Club. We are dedicated to innovation, mentorship, and forging the path toward impactful business ventures in today's dynamic market.


E- Sports Club

Join the exciting realm of e-sports and level up your passion for gaming with our Esports Club which merges strategic thinking, teamwork, and leadership skills, offering a unique blend of entertainment and professional development.


Business Analytics Club

Unleash the power of data-driven decision-making and dive into the world of insights with our Business Analytics Club. Explore cutting-edge tools, analyze real-world scenarios, and develop the analytical prowess needed to thrive in the business landscape.


Literary Club

Immerse yourself in the world of words and creativity with our Literary Club where eloquence meets business acumen, exploring the art of communication through prose, poetry, and engaging discussions.


CSR Club

Where passion meets purpose. Join the club and explore meaningful avenues of social responsibility, making a positive impact on communities while honing your leadership skills for a socially conscious business world.




Mark Expo-4 Deep Bazar, organized by the Department of UG Management Studies, SLM focuses on developing the creative and innovative skills of the students of business and commerce.

Udyogini 2.0

Was organised by the Department of UG Management Studies, School of Leadership and Management for the students of BBA, on 13th February 2023.


Experiential Visit to BSE Inst. Ltd.

An educational tour was organized by the Faculty of UG Management Studies to BSE Inst. Ltd., Delhi, on 22 March 2023 to make the students aware of the Stock Market and how they could take it as an important career options in profiles like Financial Analysts, Investment Professionals, and stockbrokers. They also learnt to track live stock prices. This session was addressed by Mr.Pullock Bhattacharya, Vice President, BSE Inst. Ltd.

"Rebuttal Rebels" (Debate Competition)

“Words have power, Use them wisely”

The Department of UG- Faculty of Management Studies conducted a Debate competition on Theme “Emotional quotient matters more than Intelligent Quotient'' on 09th December, 2022 at MRIIRS for the students of BBA to enhance the public speaking skills of students and teach them how to express themselves clearly. Throughout the session, students learned about the importance of both EQ and IQ.


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