Research Clusters

Research clusters include Specialized expertise, Collaboration and synergy, Interdisciplinary perspectives, Networking, Impact and Visibility.

In the Department of UG Management Studies, faculties and researchers having expertise contribute to a common theme. They pool their skills and insights through collaboration and synergy, leading to more robust outcomes. Interdisciplinary perspectives emerge fostering innovative approaches to complex challenges.

There are research clusters for different domains such as Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Economics and IB, Computer and Decision Science.

In the domain of Entrepreneurship, faculties bring together experts in startup ecosystems, innovation, and venture capital to explore new business creation and growth strategies.

For Marketing, faculties focus on consumer behavior, branding, and digital marketing trends, fostering collaboration to analyze evolving market dynamics.

In Finance, faculties work in risk management, asset pricing, and financial derivatives, collaborating to understand global market fluctuations.

Human Resources might see a cluster concentrating on talent management, workplace diversity, and organizational behavior, seeking to enhance employee well-being and productivity.

In Economics and International Business (IB) faculties examine global trade, economic development, and cross-cultural business strategies, exploring the impacts of international policies.

In Computer and Decision Science, faculties focus on artificial intelligence, data analytics, and decision-making theories, aiming to develop innovative algorithms and models for complex problem-solving.


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