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Helpline no. 0129-4259000



The primary objectives of the events conducted under the SPICES scheme were as follows:

• To encourage students to showcase their creativity, problem-solving skills, and innovative ideas.

• To promote interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing among students.

• To foster ethical values and social responsibility among the student community.

• To provide a platform for students to network, interact, and learn from industry experts and professionals.

• To inspire and motivate students to become future innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

Under the SPICES scheme, ManavRachna University organized the following events:

1. National Youth Day Celebration at ManavRachna University on 12th Jan., 2023

ManavRachna University celebrated “National Youth Day” under the aegis of the AICTE scheme “SPICES”- Scheme for promoting Interests, Creativity, and Ethics among students in collaboration with DSW and CPS. National Youth Day is a special day designated to commemorate the Indian thinker, philosopher, and social leader, Swami Vivekananda’s birth anniversary. The Government of India marked 12th January as National Youth Day to celebrate his achievements. On this day IIC in collaboration with SPICES, Department of Student Welfare and Centre for peace and sustainability, conducted an ensemble of events spanning over a Yoga session and a Youth March.

The Yoga session was held in G Block, Mandala Auditorium at 10 AM in which more than 150 students participated and the resource person for the session was Dr. Shobha Srivastava, Deputy Registrar Administration and Chief Warden Hostels. She gave a motivational lecture to our students, guiding them in setting and achieving their future goals with a stress free mind. Dr Srivastava mentored the students through basic yoga exercises, sharing the benefits of Yoga for one’s upliftment in career and as a human.

A Youth March was also organised in the campus to sensitize the students about the philosophies, principles and ideas of Swami Vivekanada Ji. The students were motivated towards leading a life of a good and responsible citizen, thus contributing to the development of the country.

2.  Creativity and Innovation through “Toy Tinker” in association with Smartivity Labs

On the 23rd and 24th of February 2023, a competition was held in collaboration with Manav Rachna University and Smartivity Labs along with the Series Rapid Talk. The competition was designed to challenge the students’ creativity and innovation by building models from the equipment/material provided by Smartivity Labs. The event was organized by Dr. Yogita Gupta and Dr. Niharika Thakur, and the resource person for the competition was Ms. Jasreen Kaur from Smartivity Labs. The purpose of the event was to encourage engineering students to utilize their creativity and problem-solving skills while also providing them with hands-on experience.

Competition Details:

The competition was open to students of various streams. The participants were given random partners to make a team of two. The participants were provided with kits from Smartivity Labs, which included all the necessary materials to create the models. The participants had to build models using these kits within the given time frame. The competition was judged based on the models’ creativity, innovation, and presentation.

Day 1 – Rapid Talk and Competition 1:

On the first day of the event, students of engineering first year participated in the Rapid Talk and Competition 1. The event was held in the university’s auditorium, where the students were provided with kits by Smartivity Labs. The students were given a specific time frame to build models using the provided kits. The competition was judged based on creativity, aesthetics, functionality, and the ability to complete the project within the allotted time frame. This gave the students an opportunity to showcase their work and provided them with the experience of presenting in front of an audience.

Day 2 – Competition 2:

On the second day of the event, the competition focused on utilizing the creativity of participants. The students were given a similar kit as on the first day, but this time they had to come up with a new product using the same kit. The competition was held in a designated area where the students could work on their projects.


The competition witnessed an overwhelming response from the students. The participants displayed exceptional creativity and innovation in their models, making it difficult for the judges to select the winners. However, after much deliberation, the winners were declared.


The competition was a great success, and it provided a platform for students to showcase their creativity and innovation. It was an excellent opportunity for students to learn and apply their knowledge to practical situations. Such events should be encouraged in the future to promote creativity and innovation among the students. The two-day event organized by ManavRachnaUniversity and Smartivity Labs provided hands-on experience and helped the participants develop creative skills. More than 300 students participated in the event.

3.  5 Days Training on Internet of Things: 31 Jan, 13,21 Feb, 10, 24 March 2023 

The 5-Day Training on Internet of Things (IoT) was organized by ManavRachna University to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in the field of IoT. The training aimed to equip participants with the necessary skills and understanding to excel in the emerging field of IoT. There were 38 students who participated in the sessions.

Training Schedule:

Day 1: Introduction to IoT

• Overview of IoT concepts and architecture

• Exploring IoT platforms and technologies

• Understanding sensor networks and communication protocols

Day 2: IoT Hardware and Software

• Introduction to Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms

• Hands-on experience with IoT hardware components

• Programming IoT devices using Arduino IDE and Python

Day 3: IoT Data Management

• Data acquisition and preprocessing techniques

• IoT data storage and analytics

• Introduction to cloud platforms for IoT

Day 4: IoT Applications and Case Studies

Day 5: IoT Security and Future Trends

• Importance of IoT security and challenges

• Cybersecurity best practices for IoT

• Exploring emerging trends and future developments in IoT

The training program incorporated a combination of lectures, interactive sessions, and hands-on activities to ensure a holistic learning experience for the participants. The trainers employed various teaching aids, including audiovisual presentations, demonstrations, and practical exercises using IoT development kits and software tools.

The training sessions were conducted by Mr. Shrey Sharma from Smarden Automations Private Limited, Gurugram.

The training program was open to students from various disciplines who had an interest in exploring the field of IoT.

Outcome and Benefits:

a) Participants gained a solid understanding of IoT concepts and its applications across different domains.

b) Practical hands-on sessions enabled participants to develop IoT projects and prototypes.

c) The training fostered teamwork and collaboration among participants through group activities and project work.

d) Participants enhanced their problem-solving skills by tackling real-world challenges in IoT implementation.

e) The training program broadened participants’ awareness of IoT security concerns and best practices.

f) Participants gained a competitive edge in the job market by acquiring valuable skills in the rapidly growing field of IoT.

The 5-Day Training on Internet of Things organized by ManavRachna University proved to be a valuable opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field of IoT. Through interactive sessions and hands-on activities, participants gained practical experience and developed a comprehensive understanding of IoT principles, applications, and challenges. The training program successfully empowered students to embrace the potential of IoT and prepared them for future career opportunities in this exciting domain.

4. Live Projects

Apart from the above the students have been involved in various Live Projects as per their interests to showcase their creativity, ideas, innovation and ethics. Some of the Projects they are working upon are mentioned below:

• LED Gaming MAT

• Home Automation Security using Finger Sensor

• Floor Cleaning Robot

• Currency Scanner

• Garbage Bad Segregator using Robotic Arm

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