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About International Education Cell

The International Education Cell (IEC) at Manav Rachna Educational Institutions serves as a pivotal hub for fostering global engagement and inclusivity within the academic community. The cell is dedicated to supporting international students throughout their academic journey, providing crucial assistance with admissions, visa processes, and easy transition to the university.

Moreover, the IEC actively cultivates partnerships with universities worldwide, facilitating student exchange programs and collaborative research initiatives. By organizing cultural exchange events, language support programs, and advocating for global education policies, the IEC enhances cross-cultural understanding and contributes to the overall internationalization of the university. Through these multifaceted efforts, the International Education Cell plays a vital role in creating a diverse and interconnected learning environment, enriching the academic experience for both local and international students.

About International Affairs & Alliances

The Office of International Affairs and Alliances at Manav Rachna Educational Institutions is a key administrative unit focused on facilitating and strengthening the institution's global connections, collaborations, and overall internationalization efforts. It plays a crucial role in advancing the university's commitment to a global perspective in education, research, and outreach.

One of its primary functions is to establish and maintain international partnerships with universities, research institutions, and organizations worldwide. This involves negotiating and formalizing agreements for academic and research collaborations, joint degree programs, faculty exchanges, and other initiatives that promote cross-cultural understanding and academic excellence.

The Office of International Affairs and Alliances is also responsible for coordinating study abroad programs, providing guidance to both outbound and inbound exchange students, and fostering a supportive environment for international students on campus. It also includes collaborating with other university departments to facilitate collaborative research projects, joint conferences, and other academic initiatives that transcend geographical boundaries.

Additionally, the office actively engages in global education policy advocacy, staying abreast of international trends and advocating for policies that enhance the university's global competitiveness.

Core Functions

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    Student and Faculty Exchange Programmes

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    Joint Research Activities and consultancy Projects

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    Curriculum Development with Foreign Universities

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    Cultural Integration Programs

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