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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

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Faculty of Engineering & Technology (ME/AE/Civil)

S.NoRegistration NumberNameYear of AdmissionDepartmentSupervisor NameJoint SupervisorTitle/ broad AreaNo. of Publication till Date
119/Ph.D/084Anil Kumar Dahiya2019MechanicalDr. Basanta Kumar Bhuyan,
Professor, ME, FET, MRIIRS
NAAbrasive Water Jet Machining of Composites1
2MRIIRSPHD136_2020Ardra Suseelan2020CivilDr. Sunita Bansal, Professor, Civil, FET, MRIIRSNAConstruction Management System Using Lean MethodCoursework in Progress
3MRIIRSPHD212_2020Farhaz Ahmed2020CivilDr. Sunita Bansal, Professor, Civil, FET, MRIIRSNARetrofitting of Existing BuildingCoursework in Progress
419/Ph.D/095Gift Pon Lazarus D2019CivilDr. Sunita Bansal, Professor, Civil, FET, MRIIRSNAPCM Based ConcreteNil
5MRIIRSPHD789_2020Manmeet Lamba2020MechanicalDr. Abhishek Kumar, Associate Professor, ME, FET, MRIIRSNAImplementation of industry 4.0 in automobile component manufacturersCoursework in Progress
6MRIIRSPHD846_2020Rajesh Kumar2020MechanicalDr. Rajender Kumar,
Associate Professor,
NAManufacturing Industry performance optimizationCoursework in Progress
7MRIIRSPHD734_2020Rajnish Kumar Sharma2020MechanicalDr. Devdutt, Associate Professor, ME, FET, MRIIRSNAApplication of Robotics In Prosthetics & OrthoticsCoursework in Progress
818/Ph.D/096Ratendra Kumar2018MechanicalDr. Virendra Narula, Professor, ME, FET, MRIIRSNAIntegration of Quality Reliability and Lifecycle CostingNil
919/Ph.D/113Shailendra Kumar Khare2019CivilDr. Sunita Bansal, Professor, Civil, FET, MRIIRSNAComposite ConstructionNil
1018/Ph.D/093Sudhir Kumar2018MechanicalDr. Devdutt, Associate Professor, ME, FET, MRIIRSNAVibration Analysis in Mechanical EquipmentsNil
11MRIIRSPHD273_2020Varun Malik2020AutomobileDr. Devendra Vashist, Professor, Auto, FET, MRIIRSNAElectric Mobility: A sustainable solution for Indian RoadsCoursework in Progress
1219/Ph.D/117Vijay2019CivilDr. Sadiqa Abbas, Professor, Civil, FET, MRIIRSNAGround WaterNil
13MRIIRSPHD425_2020Vivek Kumar2020AutomobileDr. Devendra Vashist, Professor, Auto, FET, MRIIRSNAComparative Performance and Emission Analysis of Diesel Engine Using Blends of BiodieselCoursework in Progress


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