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Research in law schools in India plays a crucial role in fostering academic excellence and promoting intellectual growth. The School of Law, recognizing the significance of research, has made substantial efforts to create an enabling environment that encourages and supports research activities.
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The School of Law has dedicated resources to support research initiatives. There are Centres of Excellence and Research Groups established, headed by experienced and knowledgeable faculty members, to provide guidance and mentorship to aspiring researchers.

There are two Centres of Excellence established at the School of Law, namely, the Centre of Excellence of Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Centre for Legislative Studies and Research, along with Research Groups on Artificial Intelligence and Forensics and Law, which often collaborate with other institutions, both national and international, to facilitate interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange.

Furthermore, the School of Law actively promotes research by organizing moot court competitions which cater to the students at the Undergraduate Level and also national and international conferences, seminars, and workshops, where scholars, academicians, practitioners and industry experts engage in fruitful discussions, present their work and explore emerging areas of legal research.

These events serve as platforms for networking, fostering collaborations, and enhancing the overall research ecosystem. The students of LL.M., both one-year and two-year courses, focus heavily on legal research.

The School of Law prioritizes research funding and grants to encourage faculty members and students to undertake innovative research projects. The School of Law is also coming up with its own journal, which will allow researchers to showcase their research. These platforms provide a forum for researchers to share their findings, insights, analysis, and perspectives, thereby contributing to the growth and development of research in the legal field.

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