Scholarly Strengths

Manav Rachna University takes pride in the plethora of academic strengths among its faculty members and students.

Distinguished professors on Board possess advanced degrees and rich experience to provide their invaluable expertise. Their profound understanding of legal concepts combined with extensive research they carry out produces good quality scholarly work.

The faculty members at the School of Law are from top-notch institutions such as Central Universities, National Law Schools, Jawaharlal Nehru University etc. The Faculty Members work continually on their professional growth by attending Faculty Development Programs and certificate courses to keep themselves relevant.

It’s a learning process for both the faculties as well as the students. The students and faculty members at the School of Law have various research papers published to their credit in UGC Care List, Web of Sciences and Scopus Indexed Journals. They have presented papers at various International and National Conferences and Seminars. The Faculty Members are invited for Guest Lectures in their area of expertise by other Institutions and also invited to be resource persons to conduct workshops.

Moreover, the faculties engage in intellectual discourse by facilitating an environment conducive to critical thinking and holistic legal education. With access to the world-class library, reputed journals and online resources, the students produce insightful papers and research work showcasing their intellectual prowess.

The synergy between faculty members and students at the School of Law further strengthens its orientation towards good-quality research.

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