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Manav Rachna University's collaborations with foreign universities span continents, reflecting a commitment to diversity and the exchange of ideas on a global scale. These partnerships bring together researchers fostering an inclusive and enriching research environment through various initiatives. Manav Rachna University has been organizing international webinars and expert lecture series that bring together researchers to discuss their research findings. Interaction with our esteemed International Faculty Panel members who have achieved excellence in their fields encourages faculty and students to strive for excellence in their research endeavours. Manav Rachna University has collaborated with foreign universities and organised international conferences as academic partners, keynote speakers, and steering committee members.

Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Srivastava (the former VC-MRU) has been awarded the Honorary International Research Fellow, LUAS, Finland. This rare honour was bestowed upon him by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of Finland Mr. Juha Sipila, who was in India (in February 2016) for the ‘Make In India’ at the invitation of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. MRU faculty members actively contribute to global knowledge dissemination by authoring research papers and serving as technical reviewers for various prestigious international journals.

The joint efforts of MRU faculty members with their international counterparts in patent-related endeavours highlight a shared dedication to creating impactful solutions with a global perspective. The faculty members have also received grants for the international academic linkages. Through these grants, students are provided with the invaluable chance to explore research initiatives in the institutes abroad and contribute to ongoing experiments, fostering a dynamic and hands-on learning environment.

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