Thrust Areas

Areas Of Expertise Available In The Departments

Substantial research is being undertaken in the department(s) under various Schools. In an endeavour to carry forward the research impetus, the University offers Ph.D. programmes broadly, the research activities are going on in the following main areas:

Computer Science & Technology

Artificial Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Big Data Analysis, Block chain Technology, Search Engine and Hidden Web, Education Technology, Green Computing, Soft Computing, Genetic Algorithms, Communication Systems & Networks, Network Security, Computational Models & Optimization.


Electronics & Communication

Antenna Design, Affordable healthcare devices, Human machine interaction, Digital filter design, Computer Vision and Image Processing, Digital Hardware Design for Biomedical Instruments, VLSI Design, Power System Analysis, Internet of Things, Embedded System Design, Wireless Communication, Energy Harvesting, Solar Cells.

Mechanical Engineering

Tribology-Thin Film Lubrication (EHL/micro-EHL), Failure Phenomena, Solar Energy and its Applications, Turbo-machines, Thermal Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Manufacturing, Robotics, Design Electric Vehicle.



Finance, Management, Accounting Strategy, Marketing, Human Resources, Organizational Behaviour, Operations, Supply Chain Management, Banking, Insurance, Green Management, Entrepreneurship, Consulting.


Physics:- Electronic Structure Calculations, Simulation of Laser-Plasma acceleration, Photonics: short radiation pulse Generation, Laboratory Astrophysics Simulation, Ionospheric Physics, Nanotechnology, Nanoscience, Multiferroics materials, Spintronics, Organic Solar Cells and Solid State Physics

Mathematics: – Algebra, Analysis, Ring Theory, Differential Geometry, Coding Theory, Wavelets, Approximation Theory, Fluid Mechanics, Mathematical Modelling, Operations Research.

Chemistry:- Green synthesis of biofuels, Heterocyclic Compounds, Batteries, Detoxification of water and adsorbents, Corrosion, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Polymer Chemistry, Polymer electrolytes, Superabsorbent Polymers/Hydrogels, Catalysis, Molecular Modelling


Education and Humanities

Assessment and Evaluation, Educational Psychology, E-learning, School management and administration, Curriculum development, Value Education, Innovative Pedagogies, Research-Based Teacher Education, Peace & Sustainability, English, Political Science, History and Economics.


International Arbitration, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Rights Law, Human Rights, Constitutional Law, Public Law and Policy, Crime and Criminology, Trade Law, Business Law, Competition Law.

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