Teaching Learning Methodologies

To prioritize student-centered learning, each department has devised their own effective teaching practices that encourage critical and creative thinking to tackle real-world problems.

The curriculum is designed to be more engaging and exciting by integrating collaborative, project-based, case-based, active learning, and role-playing pedagogies. Faculty members aim to keep the classes interactive while maintaining focus on the subject matter.

Furthermore, regular faculty development programs are conducted by both the department and the central level to train the educators in these innovative teaching methods.

MRU adopts student-centric methods such as experiential and participative learning, and problem-solving methodologies to enrich the learning experience. The curriculum is tailored to industry demands, and the teaching methods complement the coursework for a well-rounded education. Agile classrooms equipped with visual boards and flipped classrooms promote collaborative and problem-solving activities.

Regular webinars, seminars, and industry visits allow students to interact with experts and apply critical thinking, decision-making, and interpersonal skills in group projects and real-world case studies.


Experimental learning and project-based learning further develop students' abilities to apply their knowledge to practical issues, while tutorials and an innovation and incubation center provide ample opportunities for students to experiment and innovate.

Regular assessments and mentoring for research and publication ensure students receive a credit-based course on research.

Student Centric Learning

Participative Learning

Flipped Classroom Role Play Collaborative Learning Webinar/ Seminar/Colloquium presentations Symposium Participation in club activities, student chapters ...

Project Based Learning

Embark on an enriching educational journey through our Project-Based Learning (PBL) approach, that transcends traditional classrooms, engaging students in real-world challenges. By fostering critical thinking and hands-on experiences, we empower future leaders to apply knowledge, solve problems, and excel in their chosen fields.

Experiential Learning

Project Based Learning Industrial Visits Internships Labs & WorkshopsTrainings Industry Projects ...

Employment Enhancement Program

Elevate your career prospects with our Employment Enhancement Program. Focused on skill development, this initiative equips students with industry-relevant expertise, fostering a competitive edge in the job market. Through targeted training and real-world application, we empower graduates to excel in diverse professional landscapes.

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