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  • Amit Jyot

    Head Talent Acquisition, v5 Global Services Pvt. Ltd.

    Manav Rachna University is one of the finest universities in Delhi/NCR region. The students are of high standards and have finely acquired skills such as great interpersonal and communication skills. Students are at par with any international university. We have been taking students for internships in our company and for our clients, students have done a great job. My best wishes to Manav Rachna University.

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  • Ms. Barkha Kulshreshta

    Assistant Manager, Amrita Hospital Faridabad

    I am associated with Amrita Hospital as an Assistant Manager (Human Resource) since 2019 when it was a Greenfield project. Humbled and grateful to have an association with Manav Rachna University, Faridabad. We do campus recruitment and recruit students for internships and placements in different departments like Human Resource, Operations, Supply Chain Management for our Amrita Hospital, Faridabad. The students are very hardworking and sincere. I would like to thank the dean and other faculty members for their support.

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  • Ranveer Singh

    Assistant Marketing Manager, TrueChip

    As a recruiter at Truechip, I have had the pleasure of working with many talented and ambitious students from Manav Rachna University. I have been consistently impressed by their technical skills, enthusiasm, and dedication to their work. The students from Manav Rachna University are well-prepared for the challenges of the semiconductor industry. They have a strong foundation in the fundamentals of electronics and programming, and they are always eager to learn new technologies and techniques. I have seen many students from Manav Rachna University excel in internship programs at Truechip, and several have gone on to become full-time employees after graduation.

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  • Mr. Pramod Dhir

    Managing Director, Dewpoint Services Consultants LLP

    I am thoroughly impressed by the technical skills of the students and the efforts made by the university authorities to enhance their abilities. The curriculum imparted by Manav Rachna University to the students we hire are as per industry standards and particularly noteworthy, as they equip them with relevant skills and knowledge for their professional careers. As a result, we have a high percentage of students joining and being confirmed in our organization.

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  • Arvind Dixit

    Director & CEO, Advance tech India Pvt. Ltd.

    I was thoroughly impressed to observe that a majority of the students possessed the latest and essential skills required in the automation industry. It was delightful to witness their readiness and enthusiasm to acquire more knowledge. Considering their current level of competence, we have no doubt that they will thrive in their future endeavours

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  • Vivek Johar

    Director, Protocol Insurance Surveyors & Loss Assessors Pvt. Ltd.

    I had a positive experience at Manav Rachna. The students displayed a remarkable level of knowledge and confidence. The college made diligent efforts to improve their skills and knowledge. The faculty was excellent, and the placement cell staff was cooperative. All in all, it was a satisfying experience.

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  • Ms. Pubali Dutta

    HR Manager | Space Technology and Education Pvt. Ltd.

    “Muskan is a highly motivated and dedicated team member. As an educator, she brings a lot of energy and excitement to her sessions, making her a favorite among students. Clients really appreciate her and she has built strong and engaging relationships where her work is acknowledged and valued. She's a strong team player, pushing both herself and the team to finish tasks and projects on time. She takes on challenges with a positive attitude and proves her abilities. Muskan is versatile, handling various roles beyond her main responsibilities. We are really proud to have her on the team – she inspires everyone at Space, and Manav Rachna recruitment drive has been a successful experience.”

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  • Mr. Puneet Mehrotra

    Director, Reinste Nano Venture

    "Our collaboration with Manav Rachna University has been a cornerstone of our talent acquisition strategy, and we eagerly anticipate continuing this partnership in the years to come. We are confident that the graduates of Manav Rachna University will remain valuable assets not just to our organization but to the broader professional landscape. The university's dedication to academic excellence, coupled with its commitment to nurturing future leaders, sets it apart as an institution that produces graduates who excel in their careers and make a positive impact on society."

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  • Dr. Ravindra Kumar

    Senior Research Manager, Research and development, Centre Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

    IOCL always had a good experience at Manav Rachna University. We have had the pleasure of recruiting talented students for our company. we are impressed by the dedication shown by the students. We look forward to a future association as well, and wish the best for the same.

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