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  • Mr. Himanshu Kashyap

    M.Sc. Physics

    Studying at Manav Rachna University and completing M.Sc. Physics was a great decision that I am grateful for. The faculty are very helpful and they groom the individual student in every aspect of Physics. The well equipped laboratories, along with persistent support of lab technicians was noteworthy. Besides, the overall infrastructure and the lively atmosphere with regular student activities on campus, enrollment in various MOOC courses, played an important role in grooming my personality. I am thankful to my dedicated teachers, who guided me on the research projects at campus, and further enhanced my potential. Here I got an opportunity to boost my career, being selected for a fully funded Doctoral program (1500 USD per month) at Chungnam National University, South Korea.

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  • Ridhima Nehra

    ( M.Sc Maths-Batch 18-20 ), pursuing ph.d from North Dakota University

    Mathematics programme at Manav Rachna University has enhanced my personal and professional development. It was that one course that allowed me to discover a side of myself that I never knew I possessed. I am grateful to the Department of Mathematics, Manav Rachna University for starting this course and assisting me in establishing a clear aim and a new and exciting outlook on life. I would recommend this course to anyone who believes in equality and equity in society and wants to make a difference. The Department of Mathematics ensured that it had top-notch faculty and a pleasant environment, as well as delivering actual experience rather than just theoretical Knowledge. It keeps you occupied with interactive and hands on training on different mathematical tools ,which in result enhance the computational as well as analytical skills.

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  • Vinika Tyagi

    Program: B.Sc. (H) Chemistry Batch 2017-2020, MSc Pharmaceutical Analysis at the University of Strathclyde, United kingdom

    "Completing my B.Sc (H) in Chemistry was a transformative journey that laid the foundation for my career in the field of science. The curriculum was thoughtfully designed, covering a wide range of topics from organic and inorganic chemistry to physical and analytical chemistry. The passionate and experienced faculty members were always ready to guide and support us in our academic pursuits. The well-equipped laboratories provided hands-on experience and allowed me to apply the theoretical knowledge to practical experiments. These lab sessions not only honed my technical skills but also instilled in me a sense of curiosity and scientific inquiry. One of the most valuable aspects of my B.Sc (H) Chemistry program was the opportunity to engage in research projects and internships. These experiences exposed me to cutting-edge research and real-world applications of chemistry, sparking a keen interest in scientific research. Beyond academics, the university offered a vibrant campus life with various extracurricular activities, seminars, and conferences. These opportunities allowed me to develop essential soft skills, build a strong network of peers and mentors, and enhance my overall personality.

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  • Ms. Aditi Pratap

    M.Sc. Chemistry Batch 2019-2021

    Being a part of new beginnings is always special and so is my journey as a Patent Research Analyst as it kicked off along with Manav Rachna University. Looking back, I can certainly say that MRU was the most important milestone in shaping my career. M.Sc. Chemistry provides an innovative course design, best-in-class faculty from the industry, and hands-on experience from various Labs. Throughout the academic sessions, I was challenged to discover capabilities that I never knew I had. It is one of the best M.Sc chemistry colleges in delhi-NCR. Along with academics, the University focuses on personality development which helped me build a rewarding career. Currently, I am working as a Patent Research Associate for Expert Lancing. It has been an unforgettable journey since I joined Manav Rachna University.

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  • Ms. Shruti Gulihar

    M.Sc. Physics Batch 2020-2022

    I am thrilled to provide a glowing account for the University and the Physics Department where I recently completed my Masters thesis and published a paper. I can confidently say that my experience at this institution has been nothing short of exceptional. The University provided me with an unparalleled academic environment that encouraged both personal and professional growth. The faculty members were knowledgeable, supportive, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that I received the best education possible. Additionally, the University offered a range of resources, including state-of-the-art laboratories, cutting-edge research equipment, and extensive libraries, which allowed me to conduct my research with ease and efficiency. As a physics student, I found the Physics department to be particularly remarkable. The department was staffed with some of the brightest and most accomplished faculty, who were passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with their students. The department provided me with countless opportunities to participate in research projects, attend scientific conferences, and collaborate with fellow students and professors.

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  • Ms. Sheeba Lekhi

    M.Sc. Mathematics(2020-22)

    Everyone needs a great platform to enhance their skills and studies and to upgrade their personality from every edge. All it takes is a right decision and I made this decision in my life by enrolling myself in Manav Rachna University for my undergraduate programme. The interactions with the faculties here are so good and knowledgeable that what a brilliant student craves for.

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