Academic Calendar


Semester commencement 8th January 2024 Monday
Information to students about Next Session Commencement & Mentors allocation 2nd Dec -4th Dec 2023 Saturday-Monday
Submission of List of Mentors & Mentee to Dean Academics 4th Dec 2023 Monday
Perspective Plan & Activity Calendar of Department & other Centers of the University 20th Dec 2023 Wednesday
Preparation of Time table and Uploading on EMS 20th to 23rd Dec 2023 Wednesday-Saturday
Uploading of Teaching Plan on EMS 26th -29th Dec 2023 Tuesday-Friday
Course Registration on EMS by Students for Current Semester Courses (Including MOOCs & Previous Semester Courses, if any) 28th Dec to 4th Jan 2023 Thursday-Thursday
Approval of Course Registration by Respective HoD 28th Dec to 8th Jan 2023 Thursday-Monday
Departmental Orientation & Commencement of Classes 8th January 2024 Monday
Formative Feedback (Turn 1) 29th Jan to 02nd Feb. 2024 Monday-Friday
1st Attendance Review 03rd February 2024 Saturday
Continuous Assessment Phase 1 Performance Review & Action Taken Report 05th - 09th Feb 2024 Monday to Friday
2nd Attendance Review 02nd March 2024 Saturday
Mid Term Examination 01st to 07th March 2024 Friday- Thursday
Evaluation of Mid Term / Continuous Assessment Phase 2 Performance review in case of PBL or any other assessment mode opted for and Uploading Awards on EMS 11th to 15th March 2024 Monday to Friday
Parent Teacher Interaction Day [short attendance cases + performance Continuous Assessment & Mid Term Exam] (online/offline) ) 16th March 2024 Saturday
3rd Attendance Review 06th April 2024 Saturday
Resessional Exams (mid term) exceptional cases as approved by Dean of Faculty 15th to 20th April 2024 Monday to Saturday
Continuous Assessment Phase 3 Performance Review & Action Taken Report 15th to 20th April 2024 Monday to Saturday
Presentations on Electives for Next Semester 15th to 20th April 2024 Monday to Saturday
Summative Feedback (Turn 2) 22nd to 24th April 2024 Monday to Wednesday
Pre Registration for Next Semester courses & Electives 25th to 26th April 2024 Thursday-Friday
Course Exit Feedback (Turn 3) by Students & Faculty Feedback 29th April to 01st May 2024 Monday to Wednesday
Final Attendance Review
03rd May 2024
Last Day of Classes
Announcement of Detention 06th May 2024 Monday
Preparatory Leave 4th to 06th May 2024 Saturday-Monday
Issue of Admit Card 06 th to 07th May 2024 Monday-Wednesday
Submission of Complete Internal Awards on EMS as per CAP Shared & CO-PO mapping 9th May 2024 Thursday
Submission of Manav Rachna Life Skills Points for the Semester & Supporting Documents with Examination Cell (approved by the respective process Owner) 9th May 2024 Thursday
End Term theory & Practical Examinations 08th May- 30th May 2024 Wednesday-Thursday
Uploading of End term marks and sharing overall CO PO attainment 08th May- 30th May 2024 Wednesday-Thursday
Post 2nd/4th/6th Semester Training 3rd June -6th July 2024 Monday to Saturday
Open House 6th June- 7th June 2024 Thursday-Friday
Result Declaration 14th June 2024 Friday
Even Semester Commencement 22nd July 2024 Monday
Total Semester Duration= 08th Jan to 3rd May, 2024 Teaching Days: 78; Mid Term Days: 6; End Term Days:18 ; Prepatory Leaves: 3
Holiday Date Day
Republic Day 26-Jan-24 Friday
Maha Shivratri 8-Mar-24 Friday
Holi 25-Mar-24 Monday
Id-Ul Zuha* 17-Jun-24 Monday
(Dean Academics)

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