Initiatives & Innovative Practices

Client Counselling Activity

Counselling the Client means being a good listener and understanding the dispute that they have landed into, and offering the best possible solution. The Client Counselling Activity takes place in a team of 4 students, where two students act as lawyers and two students act as clients.

Their roles are reversed to ensure that each student gets the opportunity to be a lawyer as well as a client. Client Counselling is best suited for subjects like Law of Contract I and II, and Labour Law, where students simulate the given problem.

Mock Trials

Mock Trials are imitation trials at the lower-court level and are best suited for subjects like Indian Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code and Forensic Law etc.

Moot Court Activity

Moot Court Activity is very similar to Mock Trials but a more formal activity. The Moot Court Committee guides the students about the nuances of Mooting.

Value Added Courses (VAC)

Value Added Courses are designed to provide relevant skills to the students to increase their employability quotient. Few of the Value Added Courses are Social & Legal Perspectives of the LGBTQIA+ Community and Street Smart Laws. For instance, the Course on Social & Legal Perspectives of LGBTQIA+ Community will make students aware of gender-sensitive language and terminologies. It addresses the issues faced by the queer community in various sectors.

The students will be encouraged to adopt strategies for creating an inclusive and supportive environment for the LGBTQIA+ community.

In Street Smart Laws, a street-smart person knows how to deal with a difficult or dangerous situation(s). Any person, not necessarily a lawyer, must be aware of some basic laws or rules that will equip them with the necessary acumen to protect themselves. Street-smart laws are necessary for any commoner who lives in society and deals with other people in various capacities.


The Professors act as mentors for about 20-25 students. If the student has any academic or personal issue, the professors acting as their mentors will guide them at their level and if needed, will route it up to higher authorities. The students also have industry mentors where the advocates, senior advocates and Judges help them in choosing the right career path.

Legal Aid and Awareness Camps:

The Legal Aid Clinic is imperative to the training of the yet to become lawyers. It helps students learn and comprehend the law. Student engrossment in legal aid initiatives teaches them about the intricacies of the legal system.

As the Bar Council of India rules, every law school has to establish a legal aid clinic that is formally affiliated with the District Legal Services Authority at a District Court and DLSA provides support and direction to the Legal Aid Cell.

Internships or Trainings

The Bar Council of India mandates internships during summer and winter breaks rather than when the semester is running. There is a comprehensive internship scheme formulated by the School of Law wherein the students are attached to practicing lawyers with a minimum of ten years standing at the Bar. The students observe client dealings, drafting, conducting fact investigations, etc. At the end of the internship, a certificate confirming the student’s attendance at the lawyer’s office will have to be produced. The students can intern with NGOs, MNCs, Insurance Companies, Banks, Law Firms, Senior Advocates and Advocates at various Courts, Judicial Clerkship, various Commissions and Tribunals etc.

The Internal Assessment for each course is carried out by the respective faculty members at the School of Law by inculcating innovative practices depending on the requirement of the subject.

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