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The faculties and scholars perform research and publish their research work in reputed journals and read out in conferences. Some of the research works have been converted into patents and startups.

The Department of ECE promotes research in the field of VLSI Design, Meta materials, Wireless Communication, Microwave Engineering, Embedded Systems. The department fosters the principles of Ideation, Innovation, Incubation and Impact
Research Cluster

Research clusters are groups of student researchers within the department who collaborate on specific topics of interest. These clusters can jointly work in collaboration with other departments and research institutions, but some common research clusters in the ECE department include:

Wireless Communication and Networking

This cluster focuses on research related to communication systems, wireless sensor networks, optical communication, 5G communications, internet of things (IoT), cognitive radio systems, software-defined radio, and networking protocols.

Signal Processing and Machine Learning

Research in this cluster involves signal analysis, image and video processing, speech and audio processing, pattern recognition, data analytics, and machine learning applications in various ECE domains.

Power Systems, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Lifestyle

This cluster involves research in electrical power generation, transmission, distribution, smart grids, energy management, and renewable energy sources like solar and wind power.

Biomedical Engineering and Bioelectronics

Research in this area involves the application of ECE principles to medical and biological systems, including medical imaging, bioinformatics, biosensors, Brain Computing Interfacing and implantable devices.

VLSI Design and Embedded Systems

This cluster concentrates on research involving the design, implementation, and optimization of embedded systems, IoT devices, sensor networks, and cyber-physical systems. This research group also foster the design and fabrication of Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) circuits, semiconductor devices, nanoelectronics, and microelectronics in collaboration with external agencies and premier institutions.

Support for Research

Financial support is provided for participation in conferences/Seminars/workshops etc..

If there are any requirements for a new software or equipment it will be procured to support research.

Funds are being provided for developing projects

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