Innovative Practices

Innovation in education inspires both students and teachers to conduct research, make use of all available resources, and find new knowledge. Innovation involves approaching issues and finding solutions in novel ways. Additionally, it enhances education by requiring people to tackle complicated problems using higher order thinking skills.
  • Active Learning- The aim of learning is to cultivate comprehension, critical thinking abilities, problem solving skills and long term retention of knowledge.
  • Experiential Learning- Arrange field. Hands on experiences that bridge classroom learning with real world contexts. This enables children to see the applications of their knowledge.
  • Incorporating Technology- Incorporate age appropriate technology, such, as apps, interactive whiteboards and digital storytelling tools, into the curriculum. This will engage children. Help them prepare for the world while enriching their learning experiences.
  • Project based learning - Create projects that encourage children to delve into topics or themes in depth. This approach fosters thinking, collaboration and communication skills as children collaborate on projects that capture their interest.
  • Blended Learning- Blended learning is an educational approach that combines traditional face-to-face instruction with online learning activities. It seeks to leverage the benefits of both in-person and online modalities to create a more flexible and personalized learning experience.
  • Learning By Doing Science - (with remote labs)-Hands-On Experiments: Provide students with opportunities to conduct experiments in the lab or classroom. These experiments can range from simple demonstrations to more complex investigations. Hands-on experiences allow students to see scientific principles in action and develop critical observation skills
  • Cooperative Learning- Cooperative learning is an instructional approach in which students work together in groups to achieve a common goal or complete a task. It emphasizes collaboration, communication, and mutual support among group members. The goal of cooperative learning is to promote active engagement, social interaction, and the development of both academic and interpersonal skills

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