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Internet of Things

IoT laboratory is at the forefront of developing innovative communication platforms, analytics for Internet and smart environments. It has latest software and hardware facilities for the development and characterization of smart sensors which can be used in IOT applications.

Brain Computer Interface Lab

This laboratory is equipped with EEG capturing and analysis facilities. EEG signals are interfaced with microcontroller devices to develop brain controlled applications. The biomedical signal processing lab is in the developing phase and focuses on translating advanced biomedical signal processing, implementation of machine learning and eHealth to clinical settings to face emerging health problems in later life.


Wireless Communication Lab

The Wireless Communication Lab is proactively involved in the areas of 4G/5G recent Wireless Communication, MIMO, NOMA, cooperative communication, power and resource allocation methodology and security. This laboratory has both hardware as well as relevant software facilities. Laboratory is equipped with the latest kits and equipment helpful in analysis and research.


Hardware Modelling & Simulation Lab

This multipurpose laboratory facilitates multiple verticals of semiconductor devise like: i) Design implementation and performance comparison for various high speed and low power analogue and digital schematic; ii) circuit simulation and modeling; iii) research on various analogue, mixed signal, digital, and radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) for their usage in mobile multimedia, biomedical applications and wireless sensor network, and; V) CAD for VLSI, hardware modeling, VLSI testing, mixed digital and analogue designing and low power circuit designing.

Mechatronics Lab

Mechatronics Lab under the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering focuses on research as well as academia. This lab provides system level integration knowledge which is the essential and the most important role for a mechatronics engineer. This lab also encourages and guides students to do minor and major projects as a part of their regular academic curriculum. These facilities are helpful in training students in fundamentals of industry automation.


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