The department possessed prestigious patents as the outcomes of the ongoing research projects for the betterment of the society. List of patents are as follows:


S. No. Name of the Patenter Patent Number Title of the patent Date of Filing Date of Publication Department
1 Dr. G L Khanna, Dr. Puneet Batra, Dr. Amit Seth, Dr. Shilpa Arora, Dr. Kanchan Bhardwaj 202111061513 Health Monitoring System 12/29/2021 1/7/2022 N&D/Nenatl/FMS/BT
2 Dr. Sabiha Imraan, Dr. Sarita Sachdeva, Dr. Jyoti Chawla 202111061510 Method For Development Of Analytical Technique For Quantitative Analysis Of Antibiotic Residues 12/29/2021 1/7/2022 BT/Applied Science
3 Dr. Sarita Sachdeva, Dr. Sunita Bansal 202111061511 System And Method Of Gauging Effect Of Quality Of Water On Concrete Structures 12/29/2021 1/7/2022 BT/Civil
4 Dr. Nidhi Didwania & Dr. Sarita Sachdeva WO/2020/089933 Bio-pesticide Oil Formulation 10/30/2018 8/14/2020 BT
5 Ms Prachie Sharma,Dr. B.S Gill, 201811049916 A Method And Device To Augment Agricultural Produce Using Reflected Solar Energy 12/31/2018 8/21/2020 BT/Mech
6 Dr. Abhilasha Shourie 201711035092 Novel Medium For Enhanced Production Of Phytochemicals In Plant Tissue Cultures 10/4/2017 6/7/201 BT
7 Dr. Nidhi Didwania, Deepti Sadana 201711021416 Bio-Pesticide Formulation And A Process For The Preparation Thereof 6/19/2017 12/21/2018 BT
8 Ms Prachie & Dr. B.S. Gill 201611010437 Vehicle Mounter Air Filter 3/28/2016 11/17/2017 BT/Mech


S. No. Name of the Patenter Patent Number Title of the patent Date of Filing Date of Publication Department
1 Dr. Nidhi Didwania & Dr. Sarita Sachdeva US2022/0030880AI (PCT/IN2019/050794) Bio-pesticide Oil Formulation 4/30/2021 2/3/2022 BT

List of Startup

S. No. Year Title Mentor Student Team Granting Agency
1 2022 MedPlant Care Dr. Nidhi Didwania & Dr. Shweta Mongia Sasanka Kalita, Kunal Dagar, Nishta Madan, Deepak, Priti Bhowmik DST Sponsored NewGenIDC
2 2022 BFV Wash Dr. Sabiha Imran Anjali Mourya,jaya Bhaduri DST Sponsored NewGenIDC
3 2022 Scalable Production of Thermally Stable VLP-Vaccine against Foot and Mouth Disease Virus Dr. Kanchan Bhardwaj Rahul, Ashish DST Sponsored NewGenIDC
4 2022 Rapid and Comprehensive Detection of Sepsis Associated Pathogens. Dr. Kanchan Bhardwaj Anjali, Pragya DST Sponsored NewGenIDC
5 2021 D check Dr. Kapila Kumar Sristhi Chopra and Shivani Khare Nidhi PRayas, GoI scheme, Incubation in IIT Mandi
6 2021 BacLC Dr. Sabiha Imran Muskan Kumar,Kavita Rai and Priyanka Nayak DST Sponsored NewGenIDC
7 2020 Li Koff Dr. Kapila Kumar Kartik Jatwani, Abhilansh Pandey DST Sponsored NewGenIDC
8 2019 OFFM Dr Sabiha imran Heena Parveen DST Sponsored NewGenIDC
9 2017 Bioformulation: An Novel, Ecofriendly Solution against fungal pathogens in tomato" Dr. Nidhi Didwania , Dr. Sarita Sachdeva, Dr. Abhilasha Shourie Deepti Sadana Indian Oil Corporation Limited, R & D
10 2023 Pratihara Dr. Charu Rajpal KakuDin, Aanshi Srivastava DST Sponsored NewGenIDC
11 2023 Kuanos Dr. Sarita Sachdeva, Dr. Anjal Srivastava, Dr. Charu Rajpal Priya Singh, Gulshan Chhabra DST Sponsored NewGenIDC
12 2023 Aligntrack Dr. Vineeta Sharma, Dr. Puneet Batra Tanvi Sidwani,Swasti Verma DST Sponsored NewGenIDC

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