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Detail of proposed events/departmental activities ( Co-curricular/Extra-curricular) to be conducted from January - June 2023
S.No Title/Type of Event Date From Date To Timings for event during the proposed days / dates Level of Event (For Particular Class (mention class/sem.) / Department/ Faculty/Intra University/Inter University)
1 Guest Lecture on "Inherited non-coding RNAs in Zebrafish development" by Dr. Beena Pillai, Senior Principal Scientist, Integrative and Functional Biology, CSIR- Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, Delhi 17/04/2023 17/04/2023 11.30 AM -12.30 PM Department
2 Guest Lecture on "Development of vaccines for cancer and infectious diseases: Role of immunostimulatory molecules as adjuvants" by Dr. Ramireddy Bommireddy, PhD, Instructor, 101 Woodruff Circle, Department of Pathology, Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322, USA. 28/03/2023 28/03/2023 10.30 AM -12.00 Noon Department
3 Guest Lecture on "Genomics in Research & Diagnostic: A Career Perspective" by Dr. Ratnesh Kumar Tripathi, Field Application Scientist DGG Group at Agilent Technologies 27/03/2023 27/03/2023 11.30 AM -1.00 PM Department
4 Guest Lecture on "Gender Equality and Awareness" by Dr. Tripti Tyagi, Assistant Professor, Department of English, FMeH, MRIIRS 21/03/2023 21/03/2023 10.30 AM -11.45 PM Department
5 Guest Lecture on "C.elegans Genetics" by Dr. Meenakshi Sharma, Assistant Professor, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Center for Biomedical Research, University of Delhi 17/03/2023 17/03/2023 11.30 AM -12.30 PM Department
6 Guest Lecture on "Plant Vaccines for Mankind" by Dr. Pooja Saxena, Team Leader, BlueRock Therapeutics, Canada 2/9/2023 2/9/2023 10.30 AM -11.30 PM Department
7 Guest Lecture on "Drosophila Gentics" by Dr. Prachi Yadav, Scientist (SS1), Division of Genetics, Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi 10/03/2023 10/03/2023 11.30 AM -1.00 PM Department

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