Scholarly Strengths

List of Ph.D Awarded

S. No. Batch Registration No. Scholar Name Supervisor Ph.D Awarded Thesis Title
1 2010 10019990161 Mohit Kumar Dr. Shilpa C Chapadgaonkar 2017 Cytogenetic Studies on Infertility in Indian Population
2 2011 11/Ph.D/0031 Deepti Sadana Dr. Nidhi Didwania 2019 Ecofriendly Management of Early Blight of Tomato Caused by Alternaria Solani in Faridabad District
3 2011 11/Ph.D/0029 Vijayalakshmi U Dr. Abhilasha Shourie 2019 Enhancement Of Secondary Metabolite Production In Callus Cultures Of Glycyrrhiza Glabra Linn. Through Elicitation
4 2010 10019990171 Madhulika Chauhan Dr. Manu Solanki 2020 Isolation, Screening and Characterization of Cadmium Resistant Bacteria for Bioremediation
5 2013 13/Ph.D/023 Rashmi Rameshwari Dr. Shilpa C 2020 Design and Development of Protein Interactions Tool for Data Management in Systems Biology
6 2014 14/Ph.D/028 Manpreet Kaur Dr. Sarita Sachdeva 2020 Adoption of Aquatic Weeds for Sustainable Biofuel Production
7 2010 10019990131 Meena Kapahi Dr. Sarita Sachdeva 2020 Mycoremediation of Heavy Metals Cadmium and Lead in Industrial Effluent by Using Oyster Fungi
8 2010 10019990151 Anita Sharma Dr. Sarita Sachdeva 2021 Exploration and Assessment of Efficiency of Azolla Microphylla Biomass for Removal of Heavy Metals Lead and Cadmium from Wastewater
9 2011 11/Ph.D/0030 Surbhi Gupta Dr. Nidhi Didwania 2020 Biological Control of Alternaria brassicae Causing Blight Disease of Brassica juncea Through Microbial Consortium
10 2011 11/Ph.D/0038 K.L.R.Bonhi Dr. Sabiha Imran 2020 Broad spectrum bacteriocin: isolation, characterization and applications from bacteria inhabiting different ecosystems
11 2014 14/Ph.D/014 Anuradha Singh Gautam Dr. Kapila Kumar 2020 Identification of phytochemicals from Tinospora Cordifolia using Anti-Ageing Specific Receptor
12 2011 11/Ph.D/0025 Girisha Malhotra Dr. Shilpa C 2021 Production and purification of Thermostable Xylanase
13 2010 10019990141 Rachna Gupta Dr. Sarita Sachdeva 2021 A Critical Study of judicial approach towards environment protection and role of sustainable development
14 2015 15/Ph.D/019 Vandana Nandal Dr. Manu Solanki 2021 Zinc solubilizing bacterial inoculants for Zinc fortification in fodder crops
15 2015 15/Ph.D/020 Charu Rajpal Dr. Pushpa Tomar 2021 Effect Of Cadaverine On Lycoper sicon Esculentum Under Multiple Stress Conditions
16 2015 15/Ph.D/021 Deepika Tripathi Dr. Sabiha Imran 2021 Molecular Modeling Study on Derivatives of Erlotinib in High Grade Glioma to Target ERBB Receptor of Tyrosine Kinase

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