Thrust Areas

S. No. Faculty Name Designation Thrust Areas
1 Dr. Sarita Sachdeva ED & Dean Research Environmental Biotechnology
2 Dr. Manu Solanki Professor Agriculture Microbiology and Environment Microbiology
3 Dr. Sabiha Imran Professor Medical Biotechnology & Food Biotechnology
4 Dr. Abhilasha Shourie Professor Abiotic Stress Physiologi in Plants
5 Dr. Shobha Shrivastava Associate Professor Industrial Microbiology
6 Dr. Nidhi Didwania Professor Crop Protection, Alternatives to Agrochemicals(Biopesticides), Organic cultivation Practices
7 Dr. Prabir Paul Professor Molecular aspects of interaction between plants and human enteric pathogens and Role of ergosterol in functioning of choloroplast and mitochondria of plants
8 Dr. Kanchan Bhardwaj Professor Viral genes and genomes
9 Dr. Rashmi Rameshwari Associate Professor Bioinformatics algorithm and tool design for genomics and proteomics study, Systems biology applications in disease prediction
10 Dr. Kapila Kumar Associate Professor Host Pathogen Interactions, Genomic landmarks and Biomarkers, Biosensors
11 Dr Krishna Priya Ganti Associate Professor Atopic disease biology, Adjuvant biology
12 Dr. Vineeta Sharma Associate Professor Toxico-Epigenetics, Non-communicable Disease
13 Dr. Jayant Maini Assistant Professor Nutritional Epigenetics, Incomplete Penetrance and Variable Expressivity, Cellular Memory Modules.
14 Dr. Preeti Nandal Assistant Professor Bioprocessing, Fermentation, Enzyme Technology, Biosensors
15 Dr. Vineet Kumar Goswami Assistant Professor Fermentation, protein chemistry, enzyme technology, bioprocess engineering
16 Dr. Vandana Nandal Assistant Professor biofertilizer,PGPRs
17 Dr. Somya Asthana Assistant Professor Phytonutrients, Food and Drug Interactions
18 Dr. Prachie Sharma Assistant Professor Molecular Virology, Bioinformatics, Agriculture sciences
19 Dr. Charu Rajpal Assistant Professor Environmental sciences, Food sciences.

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