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Helpline no. 0129-4259000

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Projects Applied

Manav Rachna University, Faridabad
Research projects details from July 2018 to June 2021
S.No.Name of the Faculty Investigator(s)Title of the ProjectFunding AgencyDate of Submission of the Proposal (last 3 years only)Date of Acceptance of the Proposal (last 1 year only)Amount Sanctioned (last 1 year only)Status (Applied/ On-going/Completed)
1Dr. Arpit Sand & Dr. Vinayak V. PathakSynthesis and characterization of super adsorbent polymer (SAPs) for sanitary application and improvement of soil quality.Extra mural research grant, DRDO India15.04.2021NilNilApplied
2Dr. Pradeep K. Varshney & Dr. A. JayamaniDevelopment of Antimicrobial coatings using green synthesized nanoparticles for plummeting the effects of pathogensSERB-DST17.03.2021NilNilApplied
3Dr. Aditya Sharma (Physics, MRU) Dr. Alpa Gupta (MRDC)Concentrated Growth Factor Incorporated Nanoparticles: A Novel Biodegradable Scaffold For Bone Tissue Regenerative TherapyDST-SERB02.03.2021NilNilApplied
4Dr. Mrinal PandeyAn Intelligent System for providing quality care to patients requiring intensive care using Deep learning TechniquesMinstery of IT31.12.2020NilNilApplied
5Dr. Mrinal PandeyPedagogy for Online learning (FDP)AICTE18.12.2020NilNilApplied
6Prof. Jyoti Pruthi
Prof. Susmita Ray
Machine Learning based Robust Intelligent System for analysis of cancer and prediction of survival & life spanAICTE18.12.2020NilNilApplied
7Dr. Babita ParasharAssessment of Readiness and empowerment of teachers in Faridabad for an inclusive classroom with special refrence to CWSNNHRC (National Human Rights Commission)14.08.2020NilNilApplied
8Dr. Pradeep K. VarshneyBusiness Incubator Setup at MRU CampusACIC, Niti Aayog30.06.2020NilNilApplied
9Yogita KhannaAnalysis and Design of 5G Mobile Antennas to Improve IoT Cellular Communication Connectivity in Rural and UrbanMeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology)18.05.2020NilNilApplied
10Dr. Pradeep K. Varshney Er. Anuj Sinha, FGSIIndustrial Tour on Science Technology For Young InnovatorsNCSTC (DST) under scheme STEMM India Demonstration Dissemination Popularization30.04.2020NilNilApplied
11Dr. Pradeep K. Varshney Dr. A. JayamaniDevelopment of Revolutionary Reusable Antiviral Nano-coated Face Masks for reducing the SARS CoV-2 Virus effectSERB-DST29.04.2020NilNilApplied
12Dr. Pradeep K. VarshneyBusiness Incubator Setup at MRU CampusNSIC, Okhla16.04.2020NilNilApplied
13Dr. Vinayak V. PathakDevelopment of thermal energy storage based photobioreactor for
integrated wastewater treatment and bioenergy production using algal- bacterial consortium
SERB (CRG)09.03.2020NilNilApplied
14Dr. Jyoti PruthiGait Modelling for Asthma Prediction (GMAP) in Children using IOT & Evolutionary Algorithm OptimizationSERB (CRG)09.03.2020NilNilApplied
15Dr. Hardeo ThakurMachine Learning Approach for Hidden Community Detection from Security Perspective.SERB (CRG)09.03.2020NilNilApplied
16Dr. Sandeep KumarDevelopment of Compact X-ray and THz (terahertz) sources for attosecond Science-A theoretical & simulation investigationSERB (SRG)09.03.2020NilNilApplied
17Dr A. JayamaniExploration of fibril squelching ability by ionic liquid immobilized magnetic nanoparticles for biomolecular interactionsSERB (SRG)09.03.2020NilNilApplied
18Dr. Yogendra Kumar SharmaMathematical Modeling of the effect of social media on societySERB (MATRICS)09.03.2020NilNilApplied
19Dr. Arpit Sand
Dr. Aparna Vyas
Development of Biodegradable Advance Superabsorbent Polymers Materials for Sanitary ApplicationsSERB-DST09.03.2020NilNilApplied
20Dr. A. JayamaniThe squelching ability of the ionic liquid immobilized magnetic nanoparticles for biomolecular interactionsSERB-DST05.03.2020NilNilApplied
21Dr. Susmita RayCancer Analytics – A Machine Learning based Robust Intelligent System for Prediction, Detection, Prognosis, Progression, Recurrence and Survival Analysis of CancerRPS-AICTE09.01.2020NilNilApplied
22Dr. Parneeta DhaliwalEmpowering Rural Women of Haryana through advanced technologies in PiscicultureDST14.08.2019NilNilApplied
23Dr.Pragati ChauhanWomen Entrepreneurship DevelopmentCL Media02.08.2019NilNilCompleted
24Dr. Arpit SandSwelling properties of the polymeric materials for sanitary applicationsCL Media02.08.2019NilNilCompleted
25Ms. Yogita KhannaDetection and elimination of pest in paddy fields using electromagnetic wavesCL Media02.08.2019NilNilCompleted
26Dr. Pradeep K. VarshneyYouth Activities for Superior Humanity (YASH-2019)DST01.08.2019NilNilApplied
27Dr. Aditya SharmaSynthesis of artifical mammals-bone nano-materials for their application in orthopedics and dentistryDST26-07-2019NilNilApplied
28Dr. Roopa RaniInvestigation and assessment of agricultural soil irrigated with drain water in villages of Faridabad and Palwal Distrcit of Haryana inhabiting cancer patientsDST Haryana16.07.2019NilNilApplied
29Dr. Advin MasihLightlike submanifolds of Semi Riemannian manifoldsCL Media17.06.2019NilNilCompleted
30Dr. Susmita RayAutomation in Printing IndustryCL Media17.06.2019NilNilCompleted
31Mr. Piyush MahendruHigh entropy alloy material testing using laser cladding & HVOF’s TechniqueCL Media17.06.2019NilNilCompleted
32Dr. Roopa RaniStudy on Cancer suffering Villages of Palwal district of Haryana, India by Assessment and Estimation of pesticides, heavy metals and other pollutants in soil, water and crops of agricultural land irrigated with wastewaterDST SERB10.06.2019NilNilApplied
33Dr. Arpit SandGreen & Sustainable Chemistry ConferenceDST02.05.2019NilNilCompleted
34Mr. Vijay GillUltrasonic based Autonomous RobotCL Media14.01.2019NilNilCompleted
35Mr. J.P. SharmaElectric Agriculture Utility VehicleCL Media14.01.2019NilNilCompleted
36Dr. Hardeo ThakurMining of Significant Patterns in Dynamic GraphCL Media14.01.2019NilNilCompleted
37Dr. Prem Kishore PatnalaUltrasonic assisted metal removal from water resourcesCL Media14.01.2019NilNilCompleted
38Dr. Arpit SandBiodegradable super absorbing polymers (SAPs) from renewable sources for sanitary applicationDST10.01.2019NilNilApplied
39Dr Babita ParasharCreating Awareness on Drug PreventionMin. of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India.25.02.2018NilNilCompleted
40Dr. Parneeta DhaliwalHandling Drifting Concepts in Data StreamsAICTE14.11.2018NilNilApplied


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