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The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Manav Rachna University is offering B.Tech Electronics and Computer Engineering that focuses on industry oriented perspective and aims to provide an edge to the students helping them to become an accomplished technocrat. While developing the course curriculum, the perspective of all stakeholders is considered i.e. students, their parents, industrial partners and the agencies involved in quality education.

The graduates of Electronics and Computer Engineering gain the technical skills along with the required programming skills which make them self-sufficient to stand as Electronics as well as a Computer Engineer.
The essential technical knowledge and skills are being imparted to the students during the course. In addition to this, students are groomed to gain leadership skills, competitive skills, and entrepreneurial skills through various activities such as expert talks, industry-visits, and industrial projects; especially through their internships and our knowledge partners.

The department of Electronics and Communication is  offering   Elective Courses  in the EMERGING AREAS, viz., VLSI & Embedded Systems and Health Care Management.

Besides normal 160 credits which the department curriculum has ,if a  student  chooses  extra  credits from the elective basket of   VLSI & Embedded Systems or  Health Care Management ,he/she will be eligible for Degree with Hons in that specialized area. The minimum additional Credits for such Courses shall be in the range of 18-20 and the same shall be mentioned in the degree, as specialization in that area.


Vision and Mission :

  • To be a leading Centre of Excellence for Education, Research and Development in the Field of Electronics with an aim to develop talent and technology through Innovation, meet the needs of Industry and contribute in development and betterment of the Mankind.
  • Build capacity for applying cutting edge technologies in the development of new E & C products and services.
  • Collaboratively develop programs/courses for industry/society at large.
  • Nurture the national and international competitiveness of the students by facilitating international internships, industrial project opportunities.
  • Foster an eco-system conducive to innovations
  • Strengthen and provide support in sustaining a healthy society by improving the quality of life through application of technology.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO):

  1. Right aptitude for Industry Research and Academics as per the professional career choice.
  2. Learning skills for developing competencies in research and development and understanding the applications for product design and innovation.
  3. Technical mindset for engineering and scientific approach for solving and impending technical challenges.
  4. Professional ethics and positive attitude to work in a Team.
  5. Continuous improvement, growth and lifelong learning.

Objectives of the Course:

Combination of Electronics and Computer Engineering enables the students to learn and validate the physical as well as functional viability of the machines/gadgets. Students can create, design and develop the gadgets/machines as they have advanced knowledge on both the hardware and software.

Salient features of the program

Various measures are taken to impart graduate attributes like critical thinking, innovation, global competitiveness, introduction to new technology, industry trends etc. Some of them are

  • Support of research, projects and patents ACCENDRE
  • Support for placement and competitive exams :CRCMC
  • Entrepreneurship Cell
  • Exposure to latest technologies and areas of research through Expert Talks (NBRC / DU, CRIS etc in 2018 under ElectroTech Club) and Summer Trainings.
  • Workshops through ICTs, MOOCs (like NPTEL, SWAYAM, NITTTR), Webinars
  • Virtual Labs

Opportunities for Summer Training & Faculty Development

  • Sahai Research Labs ( Biomedical Instrumentation)
  • Singh Embedded Solutions ( IOT applications)
  • Dot Converse (Digital Marketing)
  • CRIS, Mentor Graphics, 3ST Technologies, True chip, Digital Converse etc

Scope of the Course

Scope of this course is vast because it deals in two aspects; at the one end with Advanced Communication, VLSI, Embedded Systems etc. and on the other side Software Engineering, Computer Programming languages, Big-Data and Machine Learning, AI etc. Students can directly get involved in R&D activities in various areas of Specializations.Students are motivated to be an entrepreneur as they have multi-kind skill and sources for information to create and seize an opportunity.

Employability Aspects:

The graduates of this course have the dual chances to get the employability i.e. in Electronics Industries as well as in Computer Industries. In addition, the students can grab jobs in any kind of manufacturing/service industries using IoT, Smart Workstation, IoD, Embedded solutions industries etc.
The combination of hardware and software solutions are needed in a wide variety of high-tech fields, such as the development of 5G communications equipment; designing and building systems and satellites for space exploration; creating advanced medical devices; developing and analyzing solar and renewable power generation systems; advanced military and aviation vehicles; high-powered electronics; robotics; and of course the consumer smartphones, computers, wearables and other electronic devices people use every day.

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