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Department of Mechanical Engineering


The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a vibrant and engaging environment for teaching, research, and learning;  it lays the foundation for well-groomed professionals in the field. The department is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art teaching aids and facilities in the core areas of mechanical engineering.  The laboratories have been strengthened and modernized by procuring state-of-art equipment and latest software. The department is committed to providing an outstanding research and learning environment to its students.

While building a solid foundation of the fundamentals, students are also exposed to emerging trends in the industry and are molded to be qualified professionals of the future. Students are imparted with education beyond the subject knowledge augmenting classroom teaching with instructional cum research-based laboratory work, project-based learning, intense industrial exposure and hands-on experience in design and fabrication of general products and machine components. All the students undergo compulsory in-house summer training; to develop skills in the application of theory to practical real-life problems. They also actively organize various programmes and participate in workshops under the aegis of SAE, ISHRAE, and ASME. Students are encouraged to participate in seminars and conferences and they have demonstrated excellence in practical knowledge by making innovative projects and winning prizes consecutively for last many years in the project competitions organized by the Faridabad Industries Association (FIA).

The department has a pool of highly qualified faculty members having rich experience in teaching, research, and industry who have been imparting quality education at both, undergraduate and post-graduate level. The faculty has competency in the areas of Design and Analysis, Tribology, Solar Energy, Applied Mechanics, Turbines and Power Generation, Fluid Machines, Manufacturing Technologies, Material Science and Renewable Energy.



  • To become Centre of excellence by providing state-of-art education in teaching, research, Innovation, entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability and develop ethical human beings for service of the society. 


  • To develop globally competent engineers, who address future issues of the society innovatively.
  • Operating and maintaining various smart manufacturing aides optimally by providing state-of-art facilities, and conduct research in latest technologies.
  • To nurture talents who strive to serve society through sustainable methods while maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • Maintaining highest quality standards and ensure satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)


To prepare mechanical engineering graduates with an outstanding knowledge of mathematical, scientific, engineering, technology, management, humanities and various other interdisciplinary subjects for a successful career.


To equip students with modern tools,technology and advanced software’s for deliberating engineering solutions.


To equip students with broad based knowledge to support the service industries, economic development and to address social and engineering challenges of the nation.


To inculcate students with leadership skills with high level of integrity and ethical values for team building and team work.


Program Outcomes (POs)

PO1. Engineering Knowledge: Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals and Production and Industrial Engineering specialization to the solution of complex Production and Industrial Engineering problems. 

PO2. Problem Analysis: Identify, formulate, research literature and analyze complex Production and Industrial Engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences and engineering sciences. 

PO3. Design/ Development of Solutions: Design solutions for complex Production and Industrial Engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet specified needs with appropriate consideration for public health and safety, cultural, societal and environmental considerations. 

PO4. Conduct investigations of complex Production and Industrial Engineering problems using research-based knowledge and research methods including analysis, interpretation of data and synthesis of information to provide valid conclusions. 

PO5. Modern Tool Usage: To apply appropriate techniques, resources and engineering and IT tools for modeling of different Production and Industrial Engineering problems with an understanding of the limitations. 

PO6. The Engineer and Society: Apply contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to professional engineering practice. 

PO7. Environment and Sustainability: Understand the impact of professional Production and Industrial Engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts and demonstrate knowledge of and need for sustainable development. 

PO8. Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of Production and Industrial Engineering practice. 

PO9. Individual and Team Work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multi-disciplinary settings. 

PO10. Communication: Communicate effectively on complex Production and Industrial Engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations and give and receive clear instructions. 

PO11. Project Management and Finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Production and Industrial Engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments 

PO12. Life Long learning: Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context of technological change.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs)


Our graduate engineers will apply all the basic principles of mechanical engineering required in both private and public sector organizations. They can contribute to all national level research projects viz DST, SERB, CSIR,DRDO etc.


We produce graduate engineers specialized in Thermal, Manufacturing and Design


Our students are well equipped with industrial management skills, and interdisciplinary technologies


Thrust Areas of the Departmentme-thrust-areas


Industrial Collaborations

Daikin COE

Altair COE

Placement Opportunities

The opportunities are plenty and endless because of the broad nature of the field that mechanical engineering offers. Mechanical engineers are required to design, test, manufacture, install, operate and maintain a wide array of machines and mechanical systems and hence can find employment in private sector, Government Sector as well as in public undertakings like, ISRO, DRDO, Indian Oil, SAIL, GAIL, BHEL, NTPC, NHPC, POWER GRID, Railways, CIL, HAL, BEL etc. They can also work in private engineering companies that provide technical consultancy to both government and corporate firms. They also have countless options to make forays into new realms of technology and even get into management and technical consultancy. Major industries include automobiles, aeronautical, power, energy and utilities, air conditioning and refrigeration industry, manufacturing plants, oil and gas exploration, refining industries, agricultural sector, shipping industry, banks, insurance, financial institutions, teaching & research organizations. The companies like Cinda, Krishna Maruti, Federal Moghul, Accenture, Sagacious Research and many others are our prime recruiters. Under the banner of ISHRAE, HVAC & RAC industries such as Bluestar, Voltas, LG, Zamil, Santrupti, Airflow, Magneto Environmental solutions also visits our campus for placement drive.

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