Mrs. Sanyogita Sharma

Qualifications: M.A.(English) B.Ed.

Experience: 30 years

Areas of Interest: Life Skill Education, Innovations and Initiatives in Education, Capacity and Competence Building.

We are not ‘JUST’ teachers; we are the managers of the world’s greatest resource: Children!!

River John Meehan

Learning is a journey and our strategy at Department of Education, Manav Rachna University is the map. The department through its specially designed curriculum goes beyond the demands of classroom teaching and aims at grooming professionals who would be sought after by every progressive school by virtue of the skill set inculcated by the transacted program.

Good teaching demands constant refinement and fine tuning. Faculty of Education is well versed with the constant changes taking place in the field of education. The teachers need to be constantly equipped with the desired skills to remain best facilitators, thus making a significant contribution to the improvement of educational practices in partnership with schools, colleges and educational agencies.

Advancement in Science and Technology has been kept in mind while designing the requirements to meet 21st century challenges of imparting the knowledge. The NCTE guidelines have been minutely followed during curriculum design and innovative pedagogical practices woven with psychological principles are built into the system.

A progressive teacher is a magician, who brings life to every concept transacted in the classroom. The highly qualified and experienced faculty at the Department of Education is equipped with the world-class skill set to impart the best. The rich infrastructure at wi-fi enabled Manav Rachna Campus comprises of Performing Arts Studio, Visual Arts lab, Psychology lab, Curriculum lab, Science lab, Techno Planet Units, Health, Sports Science centers and rich knowledge house in the name of the library.

A big advantage of various programs offered at MRU campus is the substantial support from the Faculties of Engineering, Applied Sciences, Law, Humanities and Management. Above all, the ever-growing chain of Manav Rachna International Schools and Kunskappskolan Schools will be the live laboratory to impart exposure to international school practices.


Dr. Babita Parashar

M.Sc. (BioSciences) M.Ed (Gold Medallist) Ph.D. (Education)

Experience: 15 years

Areas of Interest: Instructional Designing, Assessment, and Evaluation, Research-based Teacher Education.

The department aims at grooming facilitators who will be an asset to every progressive school they serve in. Across all the programs offered by the department, research-based methodology forms the core. The students are introduced to industry requirements by means of field visits, expert lectures, workshops, alumni interactions and orientation by policy planners. The interdisciplinary atmosphere at the campus gives them the edge over any stand-alone teacher education college. Structured visits and School mentor association with the allied chain of Manav Rachna International Schools provide them the rare opportunity of on the job training. Extended support from Career Development Centre and Corporate Resource Centre carves a sought-after professional from the students. State of the art facilities, specially designed curriculum and diverse kind of exposure, is extended through International Collaborations of Manav Rachna University with over 40 International Universities.

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Courses Offered


With an ever growing education sector, there is no dearth of employment opportunities. Education as a specialization has vast opportunities in teaching at School and University level, curriculum planning, educational administration, Content Writers and Editors with publishing houses, as Instructional Designers with multi-nationals, Career Counsellors, Special Educators and policy planners with SCERT/NCERT. Merit-based placement opportunities are also being offered with allied chain of schools.


  • Tailor made opportunity for progressive and ambitious teachers of tomorrow
  • Save valuable one year
  • Provide twin opportunity for masters degree
  • Catalyze placement opportunities
  • Amalgamate graduation degree with professional degree
  • Instrumental in bringing innate abilities through advanced skill development labs.


Candidates having passed with 50% or more marks aggregate in the Bachelor’s degree and/or in Master’s Degree in Sciences/ Social Sciences/Humanities, Bachelor’s in Engineering or Technology with specialization in Science and Mathematics with 55% marks or any other qualification equivalent thereto.

Admission Process: Admission shall be made on the basis of merit list prepared on the basis of marks obtained in MRNAT (Manav Rachna National Admission Test) +GD/PI. Seats remaining vacant, if any shall be filled on the basis of marks in qualifying degree


  • Advocacy of Research and critical inquiry culture
  • Building of research capabilities and resources
  • Demonstration and affirmation of best practices
  • Exploration and evaluation of professional learning practices
  • Collaborative learning culture
  • Imbibing the ethics and values based on Indian philosophy.


Department of education, MRU recognizes the importance of both pre-service and in-service teacher training.

In-service teacher training include need-based professional development programs for teachers of different schools. Workshops are being conducted from time to time on various significant themes like innovative teaching strategies, effective counseling techniques, concept mapping and classroom management etc.

Pre-service teacher training programs includes following courses on regular basis:

  • B.Ed
  • B.A. B.Ed
  • B.Sc. B.Ed
  • M.A. Education

Educational Objectives

  • To equipprogressive facilitators with 21st century skills.
  • To develop an understanding of inclusive classroom.
  • To develop sensitivity towards learners with multiple needs and competencies.
  • To maximise students’ learning by adopting innovative pedagogies.
  • To become a reflective practitioner and humane teacher.
  • To groom an action researcher through a culture of research based teacher education.

OUTCOMES: The student teacher shall be able to

  • Appreciate the historical legacy and cultural diversity of India and infer its implication for shaping the aims and processes of education.
  • Develop an understanding of individual variations.
  • Develop sensitivity towards children with special needs and competencies to provide differential intervention for inclusive education.
  • Strengthen the human and non-human environment for learning and promoting maximum pupil achievement.
  • Encourage effective use of instructional technology to enhance learning.
  • Apply the principles and the knowledge of research to develop, implement and evaluate appropriate instruction.
  • Become a reflective practitioner and an action researcher.
  • Prepare students for effective leadership roles in school and education institutions.
  • Develop an understanding of the pedagogical processes and critical issues related to the teaching learning.


Admission shall be made on the basis of merit list prepared on the basis of marks obtained in MRNAT (Manav Rachna National Admission Test) +GD/PI. Seats remaining vacant, if any shall be filled on the basis of marks in qualifying degree.


Meticulously designed curriculum, encompassing behavioural domains.

  • Field exposure spread across all semesters to allied schools with focus on generating awareness, sensitization regarding emerging social and educational issues.
  • Field Visits to Centres of Excellence across the Nation to bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  • Focused STEAM based workshops
  • 21st Century Skill set inculcation.
  • Guidance and Counselling Certification
  • Foreign Language Certification.
  • Industry supported Content Design programs.
  • Incubation support to Entrepreneurial Ventures


  • Directorate Secondary Education, Govt. of Haryana have proposed partnership with Faculty of Education, MRU for academic excellence of government schools of Faridabad district.
  • Manav Rachna International Schools as live learning laboratory for students to get first-hand experience of a formal school set up.
  • Kunskappskolan schools as academic partners.
  • Microsoft Imagine Academy.


  • Dr Babita Parashar is a resource person with SWAYAM-PRABHA, MHRD venture towards Digital Initiatives in Higher Education
  • Faculty of Education has its presence across a plethora of research domains namely Value Education, Comparative Education, Sustainable Teacher Education, Curriculum Development, Inclusive Education, Constructivist Pedagogy and Assessment and Evaluation through research publications in various National and International Research Journals of great repute.


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