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Research cluster within the education department serves several important purposes, contributing significantly to the academic and practical aspects of education.
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The research group’s prime focus will be on a few research questions. i.e. Is the current curriculum designed to cater to Holistic Education and inclusive education? What is the status regarding current practices and the framework for holistic and Inclusive education?

Research Group Summary

The National Education Policy 2020 proposes the revision and revamping of all aspects of education, including the educational structure, regulations, and governance, to create a new system that is aligned with the aspirational goals of 21st century students.


What are the different pedagogical practices (teaching, learning, assessment, and guidance) that need to be updated? What could be the most effective Technology integrated solutions and instructional frameworks and models to cater to these challenges and achieve the goals of NEP? What are the fundamentals of curriculum, pedagogy, and evaluation that need revision?

The research group envisions bringing out the outcomes in the form of a survey report to be submitted to the government in addition to the solutions in the form of frameworks, models, and technology-based products.


Holistic Education

School of Education and Humanities aims at developing the area of holistic development under the following verticals:

  • Traditional knowledge through Indian scriptures
  • Writing simple books revolving around the basic scriptures including the Vedas and the Upanishads
  • Aspects of neuroplasticity with respect to the development of students
  • Looking at the ways in which the mental capacity or neuroplasticity may be enhanced. This would include practices/workshops/camps including meditation and breathing techniques.
  • Inclusive education : strategies for early identification and remediation
  • Mindfulness and mental hygiene : Encouraging mindfulness among students through techniques using simple exercises.

Nep 2020 Preparedness

This research cluster will undertake research on areas pertinent to Curriculum and varied forms of innovative pedagogy with a view to meet the aims and objectives laid down in NEP 2020. The research group will focus on every aspect of education mentioned in NEP 2020 and study the preparedness and readiness of the teachers in particular and schools in general towards the suggestions of NEP 2020 w.r.t art integration, sports integration, digitalization in education etc.

The idea about preparedness at the grassroots through the data collected will provide us with the actual status of gap/s (if any) between theory and practice and pave way to think about the feasibility of all that NEP 2020 suggests w.r.t school education.


Vocational Education and Skill Development

The National Education Policy 2020 pays special emphasis on vocational education through integration and mainstreaming of vocational education with general education which will help students in acquiring various skills to meet the needs of the industries and to improve the quality of education.

This research cluster seeks to draw a linkage between migration and education with focus on imparting vocational education and skills. The Research cluster envisions achieving the following outcomes:

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  • Research Cluster outcome:

    • Development of a Policy document
    • Setting up of a Vocational Education/ Skill center in Manav Rachna University.
    • Skill centers to be set up in different schools of MRIIS in a phased manner

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