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  • Dr. Shilpa Bhatnagar

    PrincipalBhatnagar International School

    First and foremost, I am impressed by Pema’s solid academic foundation in education. She possesses a comprehensive understanding of pedagogical theories, educational practices, and curriculum development. Her coursework and practical experiences has equipped her/him with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the field of education.

    Pema has exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal. His/her ability to articulate complex ideas and concepts in a clear and concise manner is remarkable.

    One aspect that truly stands out about her passion for teaching and commitment to student success. Her ability to adapt to the teaching methods to cater to diverse learning styles is impressive.

    Moreover, Pema exhibits excellent organizational skills and a strong sense of responsibility. His/her commitment to continuous professional development and staying updated with the latest educational trends reflects a proactive attitude towards enhancing the teaching practices.

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  • Mrs. Pooja Pur

    Principal MRIS, Gurugram

    I am thrilled and impressed from Saloni, B.Sc B.Ed student from Manav Rachna University who has consistently demonstrated remarkable teaching skills during their tenure as a student teacher. She possesses a unique ability to create an engaging and inclusive classroom environment that fosters both academic growth and personal development.

    Throughout her time in our educational institution, I have been impressed by her dedication to crafting well-structured lesson plans that cater to diverse learning styles. Her lessons are not only informative but also interactive, encouraging active participation and critical thinking among students. Saloni understands the importance of incorporating modern teaching methodologies and technology to enhance the learning experience, ensuring that students remain motivated and eager to learn.

    What sets Saloni apart is her exceptional interpersonal skills. She establishes strong connections with the students, creating a sense of trust and respect that is fundamental to effective teaching. Saloni also collaborates seamlessly with fellow educators and staff, showcasing their ability to work as part of a team.

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