• An additional opportunity for getting selected in companies offering Rs. One lac (p.a.) or more compared to previous offer is allowed to the students.
  • Students who already get selected on their own are afforded opportunity, if desired, to participate in all campus placement events till finally selected, irrespective of package differential.
  • A student, who confirms participation in a placement event (in/off campus) and thereafter absents himself without valid reasons, is not allowed to participate in the next three placement events (onetime debarring). This is to discourage absenteeism, which causes embarrassment to the faculties, CRC, and the organizers of the event. This penalty may be waived at the discretion of the Vice Chancellor.
  • All students are permitted to choose one company as the dream Company’ while making the online registration at the beginning of the placement season. This enables students to appear for the selection process as and when the dream Company’ of their choice is selected, even if they have been selected earlier by a different company. Students are not allowed to change their ‘Dream Company’ mid-stream even if the ‘Dream Company’ of their choice does not conduct recruitment drive.

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