Report on Workshop on “Biomechanical analysis of walking and running using GaitON” on 15th September 2022

Department of physiotherapy has arranged a workshop on “Biomechanical analysis of walking and running using GaitON” on 15th September 2022. The eminent speaker was Siddharth Hans, Production Manager, GaitON. He is directly involved into the biomechanical assessment during walking and running for last 10 years.

He is regularly dealing with the abnormal gait patients and their assessment. Total 76 students which include bachelors, master’s students and 5 faculties are presents during the workshop. The offline session was successfully held in the Orthopedics Lab (QF-08), Q-block.


15th September 2022, Siddharth Hans, Biomechanical analysis of walking and running using GaitON

Report on event KHELO INDIA YOUTH GAMES 2022
  • Khelo india youth game 2022 held on 31 jan to 10 Feb . I was with Harayana fencing team boys and girls as team physiotherapist.
  • The event was schedule 6 feb to 10 feb. In team there were 2 coaches and 24 students.
About Fencing

Fencing is a combat sport that features fighting.

There are 3 disciplines of mordern fencing







Each discipline uses a different kind of blade and employs its own rules.

Time Duration

3 MINS (3 SET) 1min rest in between in foil and epee

15PT touch in sabre rest after 8 pt.

There are different target areas in fencing according to different disciplines. The medical kit was provided by harayana council . ON FIELD time of treatment was 3 mins.

Onfield and off Field Injuries.
  • Paraspinal muscle stiffness

    - MFR , ICING
  • Ankle sprain

  • Hamstring pull

  • Fencers elbow

    - ICING, MFR
  • Patellofemoral pain

    - TAPING
  • De quervains syndrome


The event was educational. We got to observe and understand the biomechanics behind fencing and mechanism of injury during the game. We also saw the difference between the game strategies of men and women. This event helped us to enhance our skills and knowledge.

We met coaches and athletes of the different team and discussed about the problems they were facing during the sport or in any other activity. We also discussed with coaches about how we can take preventive measures to reduce the risk of any injuries in their athletes.

It was a new opportunity to explore the game, their rules and regulations and also got to know about the experiences of the people who are involved in the whole event.

Asian Game

It was privileged to be part of the asia rugby u18 boys and girls held in kathmandu, nepal. As a field sports physiotherapist working with elite athletes at an international level, the bulk of a day is spent in the field assessing athlete injuries, treating them, and helping them with injury prevention by taping and wrapping.


As rugby is a high-contact game, there were a lot of concussed cases, and assessing the major injuries is challenging but it became easy with the pre-course done from world rugby.

I was not only the team physio for nepal, but i was also a part of the organizing medical committee so being an icir level 2 medic working with a team of 15 red cross volunteers and 3 match day doctors, there i get an experience to develop my leadership quality also.


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