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Academic Council oversees the creation and modification of academic programs and courses. They review proposals for new programs or changes to existing ones, evaluating their feasibility, relevance, and alignment with the university's mission and strategic goals. This process ensures that the university offers programs that are up-to-date, innovative, and responsive to the needs of students and the job market.

Furthermore, the Academic Council plays a pivotal role in faculty recruitment, promotion, and tenure decisions. They establish the criteria and procedures for evaluating faculty members' performance, ensuring that they are consistent and fair. The council assesses candidates' teaching abilities, research contributions, and service to the university and the academic community to determine their eligibility for promotion or tenure.

The Board of Study in a university is a governing body that plays a significant role in the academic administration and decision-making process. Composed of faculty members, administrators, and sometimes external experts, the board is responsible for overseeing and evaluating academic programs, courses, and related policies.

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