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Physiotherapy is a vital component of healthcare that has the potential to improve the quality of life of individuals across a broad range of medical conditions.Department of Physiotherapy was established in 2004.

While the field of physiotherapy has traditionally been associated with orthopedics and surgery, its scope has expanded significantly in recent years. Today, physiotherapists play a critical role in the management of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and neurological disorders, among others.

The Department of Physiotherapy recognizes the importance of this expanded scope and has designed its curriculum to encompass a wide range of medical conditions. The integration of project-based learning and problem-solving skills into the curriculum, combined with access to a cutting-edge lab and clinical training opportunities, enables students to develop a comprehensive understanding of physiotherapy and its applications. The department's commitment to providing students with job opportunities and placements upon graduation further underscores its dedication to the advancement of the field and the success of its graduates.


To impart latest knowledge and skills so as to kindle innovation & creativity among students, to develop and sustain a culture of research while promoting values, ethics and responsible professionalism, leading to a progressive career in industry & academia globally.


  • To engage modern education aids, laboratories and competent faculty ensuring effective teaching learning process to meet the ever growing and changing industrial and business environment.
  • To continuously challenge the young minds with ideas so as to carry out innovative research through interaction with the research organizations & industry and to provide them avenues for recognition by participation in challenging platforms.
  • To develop responsible citizens and professional leaders with high ethical and moral values, who contribute in dissemination of universal science and technology.

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