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Assoc. Prof. & Head of Department


PhD. M.PT (Cardiothoracic)

Area of Interest

Assistive Technology & Cardiac Rehabilitation



About Department

The process of learning never ends. It demands total dedication and involvement on the part of both the teacher and the student. It is a cognitive and moral activity in which "the giver and the receiver" must vibrate at the same frequency.

Physiotherapy as a profession plays a crucial role in the context of protection and promotion of health of individuals with or without disabilities, and help society to achieve good quality of life. Physiotherapists may deal with an individual who lost his/her skills and function due to a disease or injury to relearn activities of daily living independently. People with sedentary lifestyle, Desk workers, professionals and athletes are also in the frame of the interest areas of physiotherapy occupation. Thus, physiotherapists are the healthcare professionals who aim to provide services to treat, rehabilitate, pre-habilitate and promote health and help individuals to attain good quality of life.

We have a moral obligation to provide the students in our Department of Physiotherapy with the necessary skills by making learning engaging, spontaneous, and enjoyable. I believe that the young generation is the most vital and socially conscious resource. If properly led, I think this burgeoning youth power can do wonders with its scorching brand concepts. During the course curriculum students are adequately trained for both Theoretical work and Clinical Application by our highly qualified Faculties. Graduates of the Department of Physiotherapy can find employment at Hospitals, work as Entrepreneur, Healthcare MNCs, and Special Schools & Sports Academies.

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