Students shall earn activity points in the normal duration of the programme, during their academic stay at the University, covering a gamut of activities. All students have to earn a minimum of total activity points from various activity segments listed to qualify for their degree. Earning of these points shall make a student eligible to earn two credits/one credit (Under Graduate Programmes/Post Graduate Programmes) on pass/ fail basis (Audit Course: ACP/ACF Grades) and is mandatory for the award of Degree. The same shall not be included in the CGPA/SGPA calculation. However the number of points earned shall be reflected in the Grade Card.


For a programme of normal duration of ‘n’ years the total minimum number of points to be earned shall be ’25 x n’. For lateral entry students/Migrating students the number of Points shall be proportionately reduced depending on the year/semester in which entry/migration is being made. Since these guidelines are being introduced from Academic Year beginning 2018-19, existing enrolled batches (other than those entering final year of programme) shall be required to earn the number of points based on remaining duration of their programme. The number of associated credit for these batches shall be 2/1 depending on the remaining duration of programme.


Grade sheet of the final semester shall indicate the Grade Earned, minimum points for Pass Grade and total points earned under the heading/course ‘Manav Rachna Life Skills Programme’. Process owners shall make provisions for consolidation of activity points earned by students on a semester basis and shall upload the points regularly within a defined timeline (5 working days after end of activity) of earning of points by the students. Any grievance related to the same shall be resolved at the level of process owner. All documental proof for awarding the activity points shall be verified and forwarded by the process owners to the parent Department to which student belongs and shall be available for verification/Academic Auditing.

Life Skills: Area 1: Extra- Curricular

Process owner clan chief/dean students’ welfare

EC1 Office bearer of Clan 40 20 points awarded for successfully fulfilling
responsibilities attached to the post for 1 semester
EC2 Member of Clan/University Competing Team 80 @10 points for being Member of team for 1 semester
EC3 Volunteer for Clan/University Events 40 @ 5 points for each event for which student volunteered.
EC4 Winner of University/Clan level event 50 @ Maximum 10 points for 1 event.
EC5 Participation in University/Clan level events or intra clan events. 40 @ 2 points/@1 point for each participation
EC6 Committee member/organizer of University/Clan level event 40 @5/10 for each event
EC7 Committee member/organizer of Technical Fest/Cultural Fest /Conference 40/60 @20/40 for each event
EC8 Placed within top 3 in competitions at International/National/State/Others level activity 150 International=80; National=40, State=25, Others 10.
EC9 Raising sponsorship for events 50 1 point for each 1000 Rs. Sponsorship raised.

Life Skills: Area 2 : Co- Curricular

Process owner dean of faculty/head of department

CC1 Office bearer of Professional Bodies 40 @ 10 points for 1 semester
CC2 Member of Professional Bodies 40 @ 5 points for 1 semester
CC3 Participating/Organising Intra/Inter Departmental Technical Workshops/Value Added Courses/events 30 FIVE/TEN
CC4 Foreign Language Certification 20 @10 per certification
CC5 Online courses / Certification courses successfully completed 40 @ 10 per course.
CC6 Published an article 40 @10 per Newspaper/Magazine etc. article

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