Clans or student organizations in a university can serve several important purposes, enhancing the overall college experience for students. Clans or student organizations provide a platform for students with similar interests, hobbies, or backgrounds to come together, socialize, and build a sense of community. Clans also focus on specific academic disciplines or interests, providing a supportive environment for students to discuss and study subjects they are passionate about. These groups can help with knowledge sharing, tutoring, and academic resources.

Life Skills: Area 1: Extra- Curricular

Process owner clan chief/dean students’ welfare

Office bearer of Clan 40 20 points awarded for successfully fulfilling
responsibilities attached to the post for 1 semester
Member of Clan/University Competing Team 80 @10 points for being Member of team for 1 semester
Volunteer for Clan/University Events 40 @ 5 points for each event for which student volunteered.
Winner of University/Clan level event 50 @ Maximum 10 points for 1 event.
Participation in University/Clan level events or intra clan events. 40 @ 2 points/@1 point for each participation
Committee member/organizer of University/Clan level event 40 @5/10 for each event
Committee member/organizer of Technical Fest/Cultural Fest /Conference 40/60 @20/40 for each event
Placed within top 3 in competitions at International/National/State/Others level activity 150 International=80; National=40, State=25, Others 10.
Raising sponsorship for events 50 1 point for each 1000 Rs. Sponsorship raised.

Life Skills: Area 2 : Co- Curricular

Process owner dean of faculty/head of department

Office bearer of Professional Bodies 40 @ 10 points for 1 semester
Member of Professional Bodies 40 @ 5 points for 1 semester
Participating/Organising Intra/Inter Departmental Technical Workshops/Value Added Courses/events 30 FIVE/TEN
Foreign Language Certification 20 @10 per certification
Online courses / Certification courses successfully completed 40 @ 10 per course.

Life Skills: Area 3: Entrepreneurship/Incubation/Innovation

Process owner director mriic /dean research

Creative Project Execution 40
Awards for Projects 150 International=80; National=40, State=25, Others = 15.
Registration of Start-Ups 40
Attracted Venture-Capital 100 @20 points for Rs. 50,000/-
Filed a Patent 100
Completed Prototype Development 60
Attended International/ National Conference/Convention 40 20/10
Published a Paper 80 Peer reviewed Journal=40; Indexed Conference Proceedings= 20

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