Degree and Requirements

Credits required
Credits through MOOc

The University shall follow the choice-based credit system. The total credit requirement for the award of the B. Tech. degree shall be around 160.

A student will be eligible for a degree with Honors if he/she completes an additional 20 credits in a particular domain (in the program of study) or may earn a Minor degree in case acquires additional 20 credits in another domain (in any other program of study).

A student can earn a maximum of 40% of the total credits through MOOCs. The credit earned by the students through online / contact mode from any national / international institutions with prior approval of the University shall be counted in his /her credits earned, as per the weightage recommended by the Committee (The mapping Committee) constituted by the University for the purpose.

A student has flexibility in terms of registering the credits during the semester. Due to any unavoidable circumstances, ill health or any other reason, if a student feels that he / she would not be able to take up the academic rigor may register for less credit of a minimum of 15 credits to maintain his / her continuity in the program.

Student has also the choice to register for a maximum of 30 credits in a semester, if he / she wishes to complete the program either at a faster pace, provided has a CGPA of more than 8.0 or needs to register for previous semester courses due to detention.


A minimum of 100 CLAN POINTS are mandatory for the student to gain on the basis of involvement in extra and co-curricular activities in order to be eligible for degree requirements.

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