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The Computer Science & Technology (CST) Department at Manav Rachna University recognizes the importance of fostering collaborations and building strong networks within the academic, industrial, and research communities. Our commitment to excellence in education and cutting-edge research is strengthened through strategic partnerships that provide students and faculty with valuable opportunities for growth and innovation. We understand the significance of bridging the gap between academia and industry.

The CST Department has established robust connections with leading technology companies, startups, and industry experts. Industry partnerships offer our students real-world insights, internship opportunities, and the chance to work on industry-relevant projects. This integration of academia and industry ensures that our graduates are well-prepared for the challenges of the rapidly evolving technology landscape. Our collaborations with leading organizations like Xebia, Quick Heal, AWS and many others, are designed to provide a dynamic and enriching experience for our students.

Our Valued Partners

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Xebia is a specialized global IT Consultancy and Services company focusing on Enterprise development, Agile development, DevOps, and Outsourcing services.The passion for in-depth technology in combination with Lean, Agile and Scrum practices are Xebia's driving factors and competitive edge.

Contributions and benefits from Xebia
  • Curriculum Design and Development: Xebia provides us with the curriculum and courseware for specific course modules developed by designated subject matter experts and also in collaboration with various publishing houses.
  • Internship & Placement Opportunities: Xebia also provides Internship support and Placement opportunities for students within the Xebia and Client-Partner network.
  • Routine lecture delivery by experts which helps students getting the real-time industry experience.
  • Train the Trainer Program: Xebia train the selected faculty of MRU on the curriculum and courseware so developed under the ‘Train the Trainer’ (T3) methodology at MRU campus.
  • Expert Talk/Seminar/Workshops: Xebia organizes tech talks, seminars and technical webinars by Industry experts to connect students' learning with industry trends.
  • Industrial Visit: Xebia offers Industrial visit for the students of CST at its Gurgaon office. Every semester our students experience their processes, technologies and get a know-how of their live projects.
  • Agile Classroom & Teaching Pedagogy: The curriculum offered by Xebia adopted the agile practices and for making our students experience the same the department has agile classrooms and teaching pedagogy.

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Quick Heal is a leading provider of Security Software Products and Solutions, under the widely-recognized brand names ‘Quick Heal’ and ‘SEQRITE’ across various operating systems and devices.


With the growing use of computer and information technology in various aspects of daily life and at a point when there are growing concerns about cyber security, it is paramount that we wake up and take steps to protect cyber infrastructure and this is only possible through training in various domains of Cyber Security. Cyber security experts from Quick Heal train the students on courses, giving the exposure to real case studies in this domain. Quick Heal also supports students in Internship and Placement.

Contributions and benefits from Quick Heal
  • Curriculum design & Course material by Quick Heal Academy.
  • Delivery done by Industry experts in collaboration with faculty.
  • Regular Tech-Talks, webinars and Seminars by experts.
  • Placement & Internship support.
  • Cyber Security Virtual Labs by Quick Heal to give hands-on experience to students.

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Computer Science & Technology Department, MRU has adopted Cloud Computing curricula from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate global initiative into its mainstream university syllabus to help develop the next generation of cloud professionals.


The cloud computing content from AWS Educate has been offered as part of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Computer Science and Engineering program, since 2020.

Contributions and benefits from AWS
  • AWS Educate Cloud Degree Professional Development Programs for Faculty.
  • ACloud Guru Cloud Online Certification for Faculty members and students.

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Department of Computer Science & Technology, MRU has been associated with Infosys since 2009 for training the students & faculty members under the purview of the Infosys Campus Connect Programme.


Moreover, Students are offered a lot of opportunities for competitions, internships, Infosys springboard online courses and learning pathways which provide industry ready content to the students. Their courses are recommended by AICTE also.

Contributions and benefits from Infosys
  • Industrial Visit to Infosys
  • Faculty Enablement Programs in Latest Technologies
  • Participation of students in InfyTQ and Infy Hackathon and qualifiers/winners get chance for Final Interview
  • AICTE recommended Industry relevant courses on Infosys Springboard platform for students.

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AIW has collaborated with CST MRU under “ No Code Clique” which will be referred to as a program for students who will be able to use


AIW Builder, get access to a variety of industries, case studies and use a no code platform to deploy AI workers. This MOU would lay down opportunities for student internship/ placement, projects, R&D in the field of Machine Learning, Neural networks, Big Data and Blockchain Technology.

Contributions and benefits from AIW
  • Internship and Placement support
  • Opportunity to work on Live Projects
  • Engagement in Research Projects

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Manav Rachna University has collaborated with Coding Ninjas


to provide students with the exposure to the Coding rounds of companies like Amazon, Microsoft, etc. The” Coding Prep” course currently being run, includes the fundamentals, applications and advanced problems.

Contributions and benefits from Ninja
  • Orientation session for first year students to give them the exposure to various coding challenges and competitions.
  • Webinars on latest technologies to prepare students for product-based companies.

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NPTEL, initiated by the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), offers high-quality online courses through video lectures and web courses in Engineering, Science, Technology, Management and Humanities equipped with internship and employment opportunities.

Benefits of NPTEL courses
  • Quality Content and Curriculum Enrichment
  • Diverse Course Offerings for skill development
  • Certification and Recognition
  • Internship Opportunities at IITs for national toppers

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A project initiated by MHRD, GoI, under the aegis of National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Provides remote-access to laboratories in various disciplines of science and engineering for students at all levels from under-graduate to research.

Benefits of Virtual Labs
  • Accessible and Flexible Hands-on Learning
  • Cost-Effective Experimentation
  • Multidisciplinary Learning
  • Remote Collaboration
  • Supplement to Traditional Labs

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