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WSU, Australia

The Department of Journalism & Mass Communication introduced BA JMC (International) in collaboration with Western Sydney University, Australia in 1+2 pattern of Ist year in MRIIRS and later years in WSU, Australia.

The Agreement was signed in the year 2019. The basic structure of the programme was developed in line with the regular BA JMC with planning of the 24 credits each across 6 semester for the award of degree. The objective was to provide an international degree program and international exposure for the students.

The eligible students under this programme shall have a provision to proceed to Western Sydney University (WSU), Australia in 2nd year directly with transfer of credits of all courses/subjects studied at MRIIRS and complete the programme of Bachelor of Communication of WSU with award of their degree of Bachelors of Communication.

WSU, Australia provides academic support in terms of course details and delivery during the first year of this programme at MRIIRS through the faculty members of WSU Australia. The eligible students who shall be moving to WSU, Australia in their 2nd year of this programme with the transfer of credits (provided they do earn all the offered credits during first year) and completes their 2nd and 3rd year shall be required to pay the fee and other charges as per WSU Australia during that period and shall be awarded the degree of Bachelor of Communication of the WSU, Australia.

The program also entails a student –teacher exchange program with the WSU whereby our teachers and students will visit the University and vice-versa.


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