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The School of Management & Commerce has successfully cultivated an environment that thrives on research initiatives among its faculty members, while also fostering continuous learning through faculty development programs. This ecosystem serves as a dynamic platform where intellectual growth and professional enhancement converge.

Central to this institution's ethos is the cultivation of a research-centric culture among its faculty members. By providing the necessary resources and support, the school empowers its educators to embark on cutting-edge research endeavors. This not only benefits the faculty by expanding their knowledge and expertise but also contributes significantly to the academic and business communities at large.

One of the core avenues through which this culture of research is nurtured is the active participation of faculty members in national and international conferences. These events offer a valuable opportunity for educators to showcase their research findings and insights, thereby enriching the global academic discourse. Additionally, the exchange of ideas with peers from around the world fosters cross-pollination of perspectives and enhances the quality of research output.


In its pursuit of excellence, the school places a strong emphasis on establishing a world-class research facility. This facility serves as a hub for innovative research that directly impacts not only business leaders and policy makers but also fellow researchers worldwide. Faculty members wholeheartedly engage in pioneering studies that explore the ever-evolving dynamics of the business landscape. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge drives them to deeply understand contemporary business trends and challenges.

The result of their collective efforts is manifested in various research clusters that have taken shape within the institution. These clusters not only facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration but also create an immersive learning environment for students. Through exposure to real-world research, students are better equipped to tackle practical challenges that await them beyond the classroom.

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