The School of Management & Commerce is dedicated to offering interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary education that equips students across diverse fields with industry-relevant knowledge. The curriculum prioritizes experiential learning to cultivate 21st-century managers capable of excelling on the global stage. Through a combination of theoretical excellence and practical exposure, students develop into skilled professionals, underpinned by an emphasis on ethical conduct.

This holistic approach is fostered through various clubs, clans, and professional associations, enriching students' personal and professional growth. Faculty members, possessing both corporate acumen and research expertise, further enhance learning. The school takes pride in producing future leaders with integrity, supported by its commitment to holistic development.

In line with Manav Rachna University's vision, the school orchestrates a spectrum of activities, workshops, and programs to nurture globally competitive, ethically conscious human resources. Industry engagement is pivotal, manifested through guest lectures, industrial visits, live projects, and internships. These experiences infuse real-world scenarios into education, cultivating multicultural awareness and networking proficiency. Extensive internships lasting 8 to 10 months across diverse management domains amplify employability prospects.

Industry partnerships, such as National Entrepreneurship Network, National Small Industry Corporation, and Institute of Analytics, deepen students' corporate insight. Global Immersion Programs supplement international competence, enriching employability within the corporate sphere.

Contemporary academic delivery integrates live projects, data analytics tools, and simulation workshops. Decision-making tools like SaS, Tableau, and PowerBI empower students with analytical prowess. Technology-driven learning platforms like LinkedIn, Coursera, and NPTEL courses bolster education delivery.

To hone leadership and behavioral skills, students lead and organize regional and national events like National Startup Conclave and HR Summit. Soft skills workshops and skill enhancement courses foster social networking and readiness for higher education.


Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, the school offers consistent mentoring, funding avenues, and startup creation platforms. Initiatives encompass idea pitching, business incubation, and coaching programs, nurturing students to become future job creators.

In a nutshell, the School of Management & Commerce epitomizes a holistic educational ecosystem where industry-driven pedagogy, experiential learning, industry collaboration, and personal development synergize to shape adept, ethically sound, and globally competitive professionals poised to excel in the dynamic corporate landscape.

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