Degree and Requirements

Bachelor of Business Administration

The total credit required for the award of BBA degree shall be around 130-135. These credits should be earned under the different categories i.e. core courses, elective courses, Industry Project / Internship / Family Business /Start Up, Audit Courses, Non-Teaching Credit Courses, University mandatory courses / Online courses as prescribed by the Department and University from time to time.

Total credits required
Master of Business Administration

University shall follow the choice-based credit system. The total credit requirement for the award of the MBA Business Analytics degree (full-time, part-time, executive) shall be 100-110 credits depending upon the specified curriculum & scheme of examination of the programme. These credits shall be earned under different categories as specified by the curriculum scheme.


As specified in the curriculum scheme, completion of the minimum number of credits, including all core courses, successful completion of summer training, and successful completion of all stages of dissertation/project work shall be the condition for becoming eligible for the award of a degree. In addition, a student shall have to fulfill all other conditions as prescribed by the University from time to time.

100 +
total credit required

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