Alumni Interaction

On July 19, 2023, a noteworthy event unfolded within the hallowed halls of the I Block Auditorium, marking a significant chapter in the Departmental Orientation Program.

A session of Alumni Interaction, meticulously orchestrated from 12 noon to 12:30 pm, was a pivotal endeavor that echoed the essence of unity and shared experiences.

This engagement aimed at fostering a robust bond between past and present, breathing life into the alumni network. It was a moment when the corridors of academia reverberated with wisdom as two distinguished alumni, Jishni Koparappu and Deepsi Batra, both trailblazers from the 2018 batch, stepped onto the stage. Their narrative journey through the maze of educational pursuits and professional odysseys became a guiding light for the eager minds seated before them.

Amidst an atmosphere teeming with anticipation, Ms. Vandna Zutshi Bhat, an esteemed Assistant Professor from the School of Management and Commerce, extended a warm welcome to the returning luminaries. Her introduction radiated pride and enthusiasm, underscoring the significance of their presence for the incoming students.

An aura of inquisitiveness enveloped the auditorium as students quizzed the alumni on the path they traversed and the lessons they amassed along the way. The responses were nothing short of enlightening, leaving no stone unturned as the alumni unraveled their strategies for professional triumph.

The session wasn't merely a monologue; it was a dialogue that intertwined past and present, lessons learned and those yet to be discovered. The camaraderie between alumni and students, the seamless exchange of insights, and the palpable enthusiasm transformed the auditorium into a hub of inspiration.

In retrospect, the alumni interaction session of July 19, 2023, stands tall as a beacon of shared wisdom and community spirit.


An event that invigorated aspirations, kindled curiosity, and laid the cornerstone for an enduring connection, it will undoubtedly remain etched in the annals of educational enrichment.Both the alumni were felicitated by Dean SMC Dr. Parul Jhajharia appreciating their effort to take out time from their busy schedules.

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