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The students have placement opportunities in various fields such as:

Academics: Teaching in various organizations, private and government universities, and colleges, as language and literature teachers, translators, going for higher research.

Literary Sphere: Writing books, Poetry, prose, writing as freelancers, translators, literary critics and reviewing.

Editor: Editing job in newspapers, magazines and in various publications divisions.

Electronic Media: As a script writer (in TV serials, in stage plays, in Radio program, editing and preparing materials for various programs like Documentaries and films.

Print Media: As news readers, copy editors, writing stories and preparing materials for newspapers and magazines.


Writers: Writing books for organizations like NCERT, SCERT, CBT, for schools and colleges.

Trainers: Training the students and teachers for English language proficiency in various institutions and organizations like District Institute of Education and Training, jobs as trainers in various TV channels like Google.

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